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Male Headship?

I have recently become aware of a website that encourages women to reject the Bible's teaching on God's design for women. She apparently wants churches to teach that women should be allowed to be pastors of churches, reject the Biblical teaching of male headship in the home and church, and women need to demand their equal rights! Apparently women like myself are referred to as "complementarians "  and those who want to have equal rights with men are the "egalitarians" .
She makes it seem like we are cowering under our husbands authority and are virtual prisoners in our own homes. There are women true, both Christian and non Christian who are in dangerous marriages and need to get help in anyway they can including getting out and finding a safe place to be. Those husbands have twisted scripture to fit their own agendas. They seemed to have forgotten to" love their wives  even as Christ loved the church" Eph 5:25a.

 I'm referring to wives who ar…

Low in the Grave He Lay aka Christ Arose

I heard this song for the first time last year from a cd someone of their congregation singing it and I just love it! It was done acappella  and it was beautiful!

LOW IN THE GRAVE HE LAY Courtesy of the Cyber Hymnal™ You are looking for Jesus the Nazarene, who was crucified. He has risen! He is not here. See the place where they laid Him. Mark 16:6
Robert Lowry (1826-1899) Words & Music:Robert Lowry, 1874; appeared in Brightest and Best, by Lowry & W. Howard Doane (New York: Biglow & Main, 1875) Low in the grave He lay, Jesus my Savior,
Waiting the coming day, Jesus my Lord!
Refrain Up from the grave He arose,
With a mighty triumph o’er His foes,
He arose a victor from the dark domain,
And He lives forever, with His saints to reign.
He arose! He arose!
Hallelujah! Christ arose! Vainly they watch His bed, Jesus my Savior;
Vainly they seal the dead, Jesus my Lord!
Refrain Death cannot keep its prey, Jesus my Savior;
He tore the bars away, Jesus my Lord!

Hallelujah! What a Savior

HALLELUJAH! WHAT A SAVIOR Courtesy of the Cyber Hymnal™ He was despised and rejected by men, a man of sorrows. Isaiah 53:3
Words & Music:Philip P. Bliss, in International Lessons Monthly, 1875 Written…shortly before his death, this was the last hymn I heard Mr. Bliss sing. It was at a meeting in Farwell Hall in Chicago, conducted by Henry Moorehouse. A few weeks before his death Mr. Bliss visited the State prison at Jackson, Michigan, where, after a very touching address on The Man of Sorrows, he sang this hymn with great effect. Many of the prisoners dated their conversion from that day.
When Mr. Moody and I were in Paris, holding meetings in the old church which Napoleon had granted to the Evangelicals, I frequently sang this hymn as a solo, asking the congregation to join in the single phrase, Hallelujah, what a Saviour, which they did with splendid effect. It is said that the word Hallelujah is the same in all languages. It seems as though God had prepared it for the great jub…