Thursday, November 26, 2020

Happy Thanksgiving Dear Sisters!

I want to wish all my friends a Happy Thanksgiving! Be safe and enjoy your time with those whom you are able to spend the holiday with.

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Quick Explanation for Friends Outside USA

For my reader friends who live outside the USA I should explain what I mean by donkeys and elephants. Here in the US the Republican Party is represented by a elephant and the Democratic Party is represented by a donkey. I hope it's obvious that the Lamb ( L capitalized) is our Lord Jesus.

Where is Our Hope?

It's election day here in the United States. This seems to be the only thing our nation is united in. This country has been so divided it's rather sad. On our local Next Door group one person posted a long list of why to vote for one candidate and another person posted a counter list in all caps as to why to vote for the other candidate. It's just plain stupid! So where do we as Christians put our hope and our faith? Our pastor reminded us on Sunday that our hope is in Jesus. Psalm 146:3 Put not your trust in princes, nor in the son of man, in there is no help. The behavior I've seen from people who call themselves Christian has been deplorable! No matter what happens ladies, (and I know this sounds like a cliche)God is in control and is still on the throne. So my question to you ladies. Is your hope in an elephant or a donkey? Or better yet is in The Lamb? I've been struggling writing this post all day. I started it this morning and it's now almost 4:00pm. I tried to post pictures of donkeys, elephants and a lamb to make my point but I'm having trouble with the pictures loading.

Moving My Blog

 After still trying to figure out the subscription thing with MailChimp and never having success, I've decided to go ahead and use my Wo...