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Good Morning!

Good morning girls! Thank you all for your comments in my last post regarding my lupus and Tim's  back. And I especially thank you for your prayers. They really mean alot.
So our insurance has approved for me to see a rheumatologist and I'm waiting for paperwork from them to arrive so I can fill out and return before I can get an appointment. I'm glad we don't have to go all the way Flagstaff or Phoenix. It's monsoon here and going out of town during a treacherous thunderstorm makes for a very nervous mama.

Tim will be making an appointment to get a MRI of his spine. He has sciatica and his xray showed he has bone spurs along his spine. Our doctor also recommended and referred him to a neurosurgeon. In. Flagstaff.
So we will probably end up having an appointment at the end of August because the doctors here refer their patients to Flagstaff due to the fact that he is apparently one of  top neurosurgeons around. As a result, there is a long wait for an appointment. …
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Fridays This and That

Happy Friday dear ones. I trust you all have had a good week. We have had a lot going on here.
Tim has had sciatica pain in his back but the pain medications he's taking is helping.
I'm dealing with hand pain which is another reason I've been mostly absent from blogging and replying to comments. I've had pain for a number of years but it seems to be getting worse so my doctor had me do some bloodwork to check for lupus and to find out if I'm still prediabetic or if I have full diabetes. Well I'm still prediabetic but my bloodwork came back postive for lupus. Because I had TTP( severely low platelets) back in 2007 I knew I was at risk for lupus. I've been referred to a rheumatologist so I hope to get a call in the next couple of weeks.
The pain makes it hard to type and do my normal everyday activities not to mention my crocheting is affected.
That being said I'm taking a two week break from blogging. I want to give my hands a break. I'm taking gabap…

Happy First Day of Summer!

Hello dear friends! I apologize for being away for so long. We've just been here.
We have had opportunities to help families at church in various capacities. It's been a pleasure to help where needed most.  And it's been a pleasure to apply what I learned from the book " Just Open the Door" to our lives.
As a matter of fact my Kaitlyn my 17 year old is practicing " out of the blue" hospitality by inviting the high school youth group girls from church to our house for movie night next month. Without asking me first. Oh my goodness! This will be interesting.

We had baby birds again in the past month but they left the nest today so we are a little sad. You babysit them and keep predators away and they show their thanks by growing up and flying away somewhere nearby!

My tomato plant is finally blooming and we just can't wait for lots of tomatoes. I hope to get over to Lowe's this week to pick up some potting soil and a mint plant to put in my very s…


Hospitality! Oh how that word makes me nervous! In my prevous post I shared about Jen Schmidt's hospitality book Just Open the Door.

The Bible is full of examples of hospitality:
Abraham and Sarah providing food and water to the three visitors- Genesis 18:1-8

Lot prepared food for the two angels who came to him before the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. Genesis 19:1-3

Rahab took in two spies sent by Joshua . Joshua 2:1-22

Mary and Martha provided hospitality to Jesus Luke 10:38-41

Zacchaeus hosted Jesus Luke 19:5-6

There's many more scriptures recorded and way too many to list here but you can  search your own Bibles for people who provided food and shelter to loved ones and strangers.

Providing hospitality for me personally is rather scary because when we lived in CA I rarely had guests over. The reason I didn't have guests over much was I was totally ashamed of my messy house so I missed many opportunities to fellowship with friends but that's for another post.


Book Review: Just Open the Door

Just Open the Door Jen Schmidt wife, mom and author shares how you can change a generation with something as simple as an invitation . What I liked about this book: Jen is really down to earth in her writing. She gives practical and doable ideas for practicing  Biblical hospitality which doesn't always mean having someone over to our homes. It can be as simple as bringing a meal to a family, treating a woman to coffee or tea at your favorite restaurant. Jen shares ideas that I never even considered to be hospitality. Ideas like visiting a senior home with your children and bring cards to them and not just during holidays. Bringing snacks for the parents at your children's sports events. Jen shares so much more than I can write in this review but what it all boils down to is when we practice Biblical hospitality we are being the hands and feet of Jesus. I can't of anything negative about Just Open the Door. I really would recommend this book for anyone who wants to practice…

Update on Tim and Shannon

Hi ladies! I apologize for my late updates and I thank you all for praying. So Tim saw the doctor on Tuesday. His doctor said there is indeed scarring on his lungs but he's not too concerned about it. It's not severe enough to cause alarm. We are very grateful for that.
Shannon's ear is much better thanks to good old Amoxicillin. She thanks you all for praying.

I'm going to post next a book review next and the book is about hospitality.(gulp!)

Five Minute Friday Prompt- Return

Today I'm trying something different since I haven't finished reading the book I plan to review.
I'm joining the Five Minute Friday link party where you write for five minutes on whatever the word prompt is.
This week the word is Return. My five minutes start now!
I was thinking about when Jesus will return. But honestly I get rather discouraged at the state of our churches and wonder when He does return, will He have a church to rapture?

I'm not perfect by no means. I have done things, said things that have greatly disappointed my Lord. I want to be more like Jesus. I want to live a life that honors Him. Are we prepared for His return?