Friday, November 17, 2017

Feminine Friday

I'm late to the game today so I will just saying one of the things that a godly woman will do is to dress the way she would other women to dress around her husband, son, brother or father.

The original quote : "Dress the way the way you would want other women to dress around your husband" - Kim Doebler

Friday, November 10, 2017

Feminine Friday

Ladies today instead of posting a picture I want to talk about being a godly feminine woman/ young lady.

Being feminine is not just about what you wear but it also includes have a meek and quiet spirit(1 Peter 3:3-4)

Being feminine doesn't mean participating in women's marches wearing(yes I'm going there!) vagina hats demanding your rights to kill your unborn baby.

Being feminine means having a thankful and submissive attitude.

A feminine woman gladly accepts her role as a woman and rejects the notion of wanting to do jobs reserved for men.

A feminine woman will reverence her husband and submit except when it violates scripture.(1Peter 3:1-6, Ephesians 5:22)

Being feminine is not flaunting our bodies by dressing in clothing that makes us look like harlots or posting pictures online of ourselves in harlot attire for all to see.

Being feminine loves her husband, children and being a keeper at home(Titus 2 :1-5)

These are a few things I wanted to share. Scripture is full of teaching aimed at us women. Now I'm not perfect by no means. I've definitely come short of being the wife God wants me to be.

Resources  I recommend
The Bible of course
The Excellent Wife- Martha Peace
Daughters of Sarah-Genevieve  M. White
The Transformed Wife- Lori Alexander
Any books by Nancy Campbell of Above Rubies
Created to Be His Helpmeet- Debi Pearl

I'm still in the middle of Created to Be His Helpmeet but so far it's been very encouraging.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Better Picture of Tea Cup

Here's a better picture of the teacup and saucer I recieved and there is a handmade doily. I want to examine the pattern to figure out how to crochet one.  I've never made a doily in my life So I hope to be able to do this pattern.

Completed Shirt Apron

Here's a picture of me in the completed apron after I disguised the shirt pocket I forgot to remove before I started sewing.

A Lighter Post-Tea Cup Exchange Reveal

I've posted in the past about the wonderful teacup and mug exchange that Stephanie at The Enchanting Rose hosts at least twice a year.  I participated for the first time in the spring of this year and was blessed to do it again for the fall.
So for the fall exchange I sent a package to JoJo over at Through My Hands. She is a very talented craft lady. I didn't snap a picture of her goodies because I wanted to get her package out.

I recieved a lovely package from Kim and I just love it! I love having tea time and this just makes it all the more lovelier!
If you would love to see more pictures of tea loveliness check  Stephanies post tomorrow at The Enchanting Rose reveal and information for the next exchange.

Being Fearful

This was in my inbox today and it is just what I needed today. I realize that not many agree with the things Lori writes but this post is important for all of us who may be experiecing fear .
The Transformed Wife
If the link doesn't click or copy and paste.

Monday, November 6, 2017

One More Confession

I really don't like confessing this but sometimes I get fearful due to the recent shootings. When I heard about the shooting at a church in TX yesterday , that made things much worse. Twenty- six people(including a 18month old baby) as of the time of this writing died for no reason.

Here in AZ people are allowed to carry weapons.  I get nervous someone is going to go on a shooting rampage. I get fearful at church or Bible study that someone who has a beef with God or Christians in general and come in shooting.
I know this is not how God wants His children to live but yet the fear is there.

Confession Time- Last Night I Whined to God

First of all I want to thank you all for your kind comments regarding my oldest daughter Miranda leaving on a long missons trip. They are very comforting to me. She and the team from YWAM Bishop, who are friends of our since all our kids were little, will fly out on the 16th.

So now I will explain why I whined to God last night. Yesterday we drove Miranda to Las Vegas to meet up with our friend from Bishop who was housesitting so they can drive back to Bishop together. That was fine.
So we drove back to AZ and we stopped in a small town outside of Kingman,AZ for gas and potty break. That was fine. It was fine until we were leaving the parking lot and Tim says "Really?" I'm thinking perhaps the driver in front of us did something silly because we saw alot of that during the drive. Tim says "Why isn't the alternator alternating?" I'm thinking this is not good and so I'm praying that the car would continue to work but the car wasn't having it. The headlights were starting to dim and the car was starting to die. I kept praying that we would get to Kingman where it was well lit but nope that didn't happen.
We ended up pulling over to the side of the road in the middle of no where it was dark and all we could see were the lights of Kingman which was an hour away. That's when the whining started. (Cue the violin music) "God why didn't You honor my prayer?" "How can I trust You to keep my daughter safe while on her mission trip  when you won't honor a simple request to keep our car running?"  I was very much pitiful.

After we pulled over Tim called our friend(praise God for cell signals despite being in Nowhere Land)  who are three hours away. So making a long story short, we got around rescued 11:30 last night. Our friend had a trailer to load our car on and off we went. We got home around 3 this morning,.
So these are the things I was thankful for last night:
We were kept safe from cars because our hazard lights quit working
Thankful there were signals on our cell phones because usually in remote areas like that there is no cell service
This one might be tmi but were girls were grateful for empty drink cups, napkins and hand sanitizer because there wasn't a potty around
Thankful for the bright moon which shown on our car after the hazard light dimmed out
Thankful for our friend who we think is an angel in disguise who came to get us
Thankful God got us home safely even though, it wasn't the way I had planned.

Ladies, I confess I'm still a little troubled that God didn't answer my prayer to keep our car running our whole trip. And yes I'm worried that God won't keep Miranda safe as she won't be in  very safe places.
This is a hard thing for me to admit because I always thought my faith was strong. If last night was a test, I failed miserably.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017


If you have any questions about the shirt apron, please let me know. I did rush through the apron and tutorial.
Also I will be mostly absent this week as we will be spending time with our oldest daughter. She will be gone a whole year and this mama's heart is breaking but I know that the Lord will be using her in a mighty way. I just need to put my complete trust in Him and no that He will be watching out for her and keeping her safe.

Shirt Apron Tutorial (Finally!)

As promised I'm going to show you how to make a apron out of a man's shirt. You can either ask your husband if you can have one of his shirts that he doesn't want anymore or you can get one from a yard sale or thrift store.

Supplies you will need are shirt, chalk or fabric marker,needle and thread, scissors and a sewing machine.
Step 1. Remove cat from shirt and cutting mat
Step 2. Draw an angled line from shoulder seam to the underarm seam. I used a blue fabric marker that I hope you can see. Do this for both shoulder seams.

Step 3.Remove cat again and starting at bottom of shirt and cut at seam all the way up to where you drew the line and keep cutting on the drawn line.

Step 4. Flip up the collar and cut along seam to remove the back of the shirt. Here what it should look like.

Step 5. At the shoulder fold over raw  1/4 in and press. Then fold over 1/4 in again and press.  I used pins to help keep the folds down

Step  6. Sew along pressed edge and then press again.
Step 7. Sew the shirt up the button line but not too far up. Leave about two buttons open so you can get shirt over your head.

Step 8. For the ties I wanted something different so I found two scraps of fabric that were 19 x 4 inches long.

Steps 9. Fold over 1/4  and press all edges of strips. Do this twice.
Step 10. Sew along all four edges and press.
 Step 11. Attach ties to the "v"  sides of your apron and sew across.

Step 12.
Remove cat

Step 13. Your finished apron!

Notes: I forgot to take the pocket off so I'm going to cover it up with something. Also I'm going to attach a pocket on the lower right side of apron.
Many thanks to Stephanie at The Enchanting Rose  for her original tutorial on making a shirt apron.
 Thank you to my  daughter Shannon for helping with the photos and lending me her sewing machine.
And a special thanks to Kirstie the cat for her "help" in making this tutorial.