Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Moving My Blog

 After still trying to figure out the subscription thing with MailChimp and never having success, I've decided to go ahead and use my WordPress account and start blogging there. This is my new blog address


Please go ahead and subscribe if you like and if you decide not to I understand. I have it set that you don't need a WordPress account to comment.

This blog will remain up for as long as Google will allow me since I follow Google Blogs are here.  I also will be turning off comments to this blog at the end of the week to make sure no one is having issues with subscribing to the new blog.

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Book Review- Let Me Die in Ireland by David Bercot


Let Me Die in Ireland by David Bercot is a historical fiction novel based on the life of  Patrick also know as St. Patrick whom many remember every March 17th. This book was definitely an eye opener for me because it changed everything I thought knew about Patrick. There are many myths out there that aren't true about him such as, he used the shamrock to explain salvation or that he drove all the snakes out of Ireland.  I also was encouraged by Patrick's constant prayer and I believe he was a strong prayer prayer warrior. 
This a very easy read and is available for purchase at ScrollPublishing.com
I received a copy of this book from Scroll Publishing in exchange for my review.

Monday, June 7, 2021

Well I Thought It Worked

 It turns out my dear friends that the MailChimp didn't work last time. My friend sent a screenshot of how my posts look in email and sure enough it said it was powered by Google. And some of you commented that Google was still sending the posts. And even though, I subscribed myself to my blog, I never received the test email I sent last time.  Long sigh. I hope to have this worked out by July 1st. You would think Google Blogger would have had another system ready to go into effect on when FeedBurner goes away.

I sure hope with all these changes with Blogger, Google isn't planning on shutting down Blogger all together. I read older articles online and they say there isn't a plan to shut down Blogger. It seems I heard the same thing about Yahoo and Yahoogroups. Remember Yahoogroups? Yahoo said they had no plans to shut down Yahoogroups after they discontinued certain features a couple of years ago, but Yahoogroups closed permanently on December 15th, 2020. So we who use Google for our blogs need to keep an eye on what's happening with the future of Blogger.

Well it's back to the drawing board and figure out my problem. I have a book review I need to post so I hope to get that up today.

Thursday, June 3, 2021

Testing New Service for Email Subscribers Only-Please This is NOT Spam!

 Okay so I've saved email blog subscribers to my Kindle and I've moved them all ( I hope) to my new service MailChimp. I also deleted most if not all email addresses that had @outlook.com because they were spam addresses. I might have accidentally deleted legitimate subscribers though.  So those of you get my posts by email if I did this correctly, should receive this and at the end of the email or somewhere part of my address appears. Due to International Anti Spam laws addresses have to be in all emaild. If you get newsletters from various companies, you will notice their email is at the end of their email and this is why.

 I've removed the FeedBurner subscribe button from my blog page. However I haven't the foggiest idea how to add the new MailChimp subscribe button to my page. I hope to figure that out too.

So I've done what another blogger has done and subscribed to my own blog to see if MailChimp works.  

This is what I need the email subscribers to do. Click on the link that takes you to this blog entry and just comment that you got it AND that  it says MailChimp somewhere in the body or at the end.

Thanks sisters!

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Change With Blogger( Again!)

 If you receive my posts by email as of July 1st Google will no longer support Feed Burner which is the subscription service which Google Blogger uses currently.  I'm looking at using a service called Mail Chimp for people to use to subscribe to my blog. I got the shock of my life when I saw my Followers number which is about 46 is different from my email subscribers list which is 931! Blogger doesn't send alerts about new subscribers. About 800 email addresses are spam addresses! So I'm going to clean up that mess of a list. I need to figure out how to transfer you all to my new subscription service. I'll let you know when I get the new email subscription service.

Monday, May 10, 2021

Book- The Hope We Hold Finding Peace in the Promises of God by Jeremy and Jinger Vuolo


I was supposed to get this out last week before the book launched on May 4th since I'm on the launch team but a terrible thing has happened in family and I got side tracked.  This isn't a review but just to let you know about the book and to let you know what it is about.

In the introduction of The Hope We Hold on pages 2-3 I Peter 1:3-9 is referenced  and if you are not familiar off hand about theses verses tell about the God promise to be with us through the trials we may or rather will face in life. Even though we were stuck in our sin God showed us undeserving mercy. In case you didn't realize it, just because we are now saved, doesn't mean we will never face difficulties.

Here's a brief excerpt from the book: " But in our grief, we can be confident that our trials aren't for nothing. Each trial is a fire that purifies our faith, refining us, bringing us into God's glory." Later in the same the same paragraph we are told: "God is not only with you in the fire, but He promises to carry you to the other side as a new creation." Isn't that awesome sisters?

Jeremy and Jinger share about the lives before they met and after. They share about the ups and downs the went through individually and as a couple.

I'm looking forward to finishing this book. Right it on sale on Amazon for $16.43. 


Note: I purposely didn't go into detail about what has has happened in Jinger's family regarding her brother. Due to the sensitivity nature  and for the privacy of that brother's children please refrain from mentioning the details in your comments other than you're praying. Thank you for understanding.


Sunday, May 9, 2021

Happy Mother's Day

 I want to wish all the mothers out there a Happy Mother's Day!

Photo by Julia Kadel courtesy of Unsplash.com 

Moving My Blog

 After still trying to figure out the subscription thing with MailChimp and never having success, I've decided to go ahead and use my Wo...