Monday, July 29, 2013

A Disclaimer

It has come to the attention of ladies who have visited The Headcovering Movement website and have been discouraged because of their stance on when to cover. They believe that women are to cover for public worship only but they don't hold it against anyone who covers all the time. I cover all the time because I pray a lot. Also I really would like my hair to be for my husband to see only but that is my personal conviction. I think a lady needs to seek the Lord's guidance on this issue and her husband's if she is married.
Also it should be noted that I don't believe the website is encouraging division in the church if a sister is attending a church where covering is not practiced. They really want to encourage ladies who want to cover or are currently covering.
There is alot of good information but I would just chew the meat and get rid of the bones.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Where is Your Baby??

That's a strange question I know.  Unfortunately every summer there is a sad story about a young child left in a hot car because either the parent forgot or they leave them in the car thinking they are safer there. By the time the child is discovered it's too late. I hope those of you with young ones reading this know where your child is.

Some stores will put up signs that read " Did your forget something?" And it will say how high temps can reach in hot cars and to NEVER leave your child in a hot car.
Okay that is my public service announcement for July 8th 2013.

Forgot to Add

I wanted to add to the sentence about The Headcovering Movement website that it tells us why the covering is for today.

A Few of My Favorite Sites

Some of my favorite sites are A Christian Home, Gospel to Haiti andShephered Hill Homestead.  There is a new website that has started in the past few weeks is The Headcovering Movement. I have enjoyed this site because there is so much information on this neglected practice.

A Christian Home has lots of articles on being a Godly wife and mother. Gospel to Haiti is new I'm thinking about two years in the making. My friend Rhoda Esbach is a nurse there. When I first met Rhoda two years ago I thought she was a teenager/ Turns out she is thirty something! When you click on the personnel link and scroll down to the medical staff you will see what I mean.
Anyway, I just wanted to post a few of my favorite things.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Wifely Submission

Okay I've been wanting to post about this but I just had the time so here I am. I just recently started reading The Power of a Praying Wife by Stormie Omaritian.  Something she says in her book had a profound affect on me. She says " Submission is something you give from your heart, not something demanded of you". Now I want to make it clear my husband never has and does not demand I be submissive to him. He is very gentle and kind.
Anyway, Stormie goes on to say that our attitude needs to be " Whatever you want Lord. Show me and I'll do it'. I confess  my attitude has not always been that way. Actually I have times when I don't want to submit a wend I want to do things my way.
We need to submit to our husbands with a joyful heart and not pout when we don't get our way.  There was this time a few years ago that I wanted to go to the Above Rubies Family camp but circumstances was preventing us from going so my Tim had made the decision that we would not go that year. I was not happy about this at all. I really wanted us to go and I knew we could get a full scholarship.   So I let Tim know about this and told him we can go. This didn't make him happy because he felt I wasn't listening( which I wasn't) and he was feeling that I wasn't allowing him to make decisions for our family( which I wasn't) Oh what a bitter pill that was to swallow! I'm sure the Lord wasn't happy about it either. I ended up apologizing to Tim and asking for his forgiveness.

I share this story because we wives really need to allow our husbands to lead and submit to his decisions. We might not always agree but we need  to allow God to change our husband's mind if that is His will.


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