Sunday, November 27, 2011

"Black" Friday Indeed

Greed! Materialism! Gotta have it at any cost! That is what Black Friday is really all about. It's I'm going to get what I want and if you get in my way, watch out mentality.
I just can't believe the terrible things I've been hearing about that's happened at some stores on Black Friday. A shopper pepper sprays customers so she can get ahead of them to get some cheap game system. Really lady? Is a game worth losing your family possibly forever because you will be in prison?
The guy  who shot a shopper who refused to give up his purchases, because he was too lazy and/or cheap to go and buy his own stuff and the granddaddy of all chutzpa is the poor man who collapsed at a store and died while shoppers stepped over him instead of  helping him. Did they think perhaps he was drunk and had passed out? At least some nurses finally came to his aid but by then it was too late.

This is what happens when people store their treasures on earth. Jesus warns us against such behavior.  You can't take it with you folks! Wouldn't it be awesome if the popular stores like Walmart, Target etc refused to participate in Black Friday? Wouldn't it be great if all the stores did this?
They could do Cyber Monday instead or even just open at their regular hour and close a little later without having a gynormous sale. But unfortunately that will never happen :(

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Happy Thanksgiving! I'm so thankful for so many things. I'm thankful for my family. My husband and children are such blessings to me. I'm thankful for my father in law even though I don't always have patience with him due to his dementia it's always good to know the Lord has given him another day on earth.
I'm especially thankful for the Lord Jesus Christ for without Him I would probably be a mess.

Even though Thanksgiving is a day to say thanks, we need to be thankful everyday not just one day out of the year.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Jim-Bob and Michelle have announced they are expecting their 20th blessing and I'm totally excited for them. The Lord has been so good to them by bringing baby Josie out of a life-threatening premature birth and now she is almost two. What a precious doll she is!

There are critics who complain about "overpopulation" and that we have too many people on the planet even though sadly people are dying everyday so I don't see how in the world they claim the world is over populated.  I guess when Joe wants to propose marriage to Mary will he have to tell her they need to wait until they are senior citizens to get married so they don't have children? Will this make the population control "experts" happy?

Anyway, the Duggars are awesome role models and I wonder how many people have come to the Lord due to their ministry on the show? I know I have been inspired to have a calmer spirit when it comes to my children. I have learned to trust God in all things like they have done and know that God causes all to work for good. Even when things are hopeless God is there working to bring things to His glory.

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