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Okay my posts seems to be monthly but that is totally unintentional. May was a very strange month for some reason. I'm sure you heard about the massacre near UCSB. A student killed six young adults before taking his own life. You always hear about things in other cities but when it happens in your own backyard it remind us all that no one is immune from the effects of sin. This young man believed the lies of Satan and acted on those lies. So sad!

I also met a in my opinion a group of lost souls who think they are saved. They are from a cult known as The Brethren, Jim Roberts Group or Garbage Eaters and other names. I didn't know right away they were a cult but I was really suspicious because  they seemed to be very focused on outer appearance and the ones I met have shut out their parents and family members. One of the women I met is named Ruhama which is not her real name. Once a person joins their group they get a Hebrew name. She didn't tell me this but I figured it out…