Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Okay my posts seems to be monthly but that is totally unintentional. May was a very strange month for some reason. I'm sure you heard about the massacre near UCSB. A student killed six young adults before taking his own life. You always hear about things in other cities but when it happens in your own backyard it remind us all that no one is immune from the effects of sin. This young man believed the lies of Satan and acted on those lies. So sad!

I also met a in my opinion a group of lost souls who think they are saved. They are from a cult known as The Brethren, Jim Roberts Group or Garbage Eaters and other names. I didn't know right away they were a cult but I was really suspicious because  they seemed to be very focused on outer appearance and the ones I met have shut out their parents and family members. One of the women I met is named Ruhama which is not her real name. Once a person joins their group they get a Hebrew name. She didn't tell me this but I figured it out. Now they will tell you they don't belong to any church but just call themselves Christian but they are a cult.

I decided to Google the description of what I observed. Now some of the things I observed about them not horrible such as they live simply, the women dress modestly, they sew their own clothes  but don't wear a head covering. They believe their long hair is their covering so they don't cut it nor braid it. The men all have very long beards and wear these tunic things and pants. So I Googled everything I saw and everything pointed to Jim Roberts Group. They never stay in one place for very long because most if not all have family members who are trying to find them. I wanted to confront Ruhama with what I found out but I decided that wasn't wise. I don't think I would be able to "deprogram" her of the false teachings of Jim Roberts. So on the day before she and her friends left for Oregon I told her I would be praying for their safety since they travel by bike. I also said I would pray their families won't worry about them.
She did give me an address somewhere in Tennessee that friends can send mail and the person who gets her mail sends it to a P.O in the town they are at or so she says. I'm guessing the address is a cult member and I'm certain mail I screened.
So I'm still trying to figure out why the Lord allowed me to meet these people especially the ladies. There were about ten people traveling. I think it was about four ladies and the other were guys.
I pray that someone will reveal the truth to them and they will go home to their families. No one is married and from what I read online about them it is not allowed.

Anyway, switching gears my all three of my teen girls got chicken pox even though they had been immunized when they were children. One got a staph infection from too much scratching. I'm so glad it's over and they are all completely well.
I don't think we want to go through that again! But after all that has happened God has a purpose for everything though I don't know what that is.
Well I'm posting without proofreading it because I haven't slept well and I'm so tired. Please forgive whatever doesn't make sense. If you have questions please feel free to ask and I will answer in another post.

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