Saturday, March 20, 2021

Spring is Here!

 I hope you are enjoying your first day of spring.  I'm decorating the front of our "porch". The flower decor came from Dollar Tree, the bunny from a friend and the racoon was here when we bought our house.

Friday, March 19, 2021

Women of Faith Corrie ten Boom

 This week I want to talk about Corrie ten Boom who wrote The Hiding Place which she shares about her  Christian family helping  Jews escape the Nazis before before they were eventually caught and arrested were sent to a concentration camp.

Despite her circumstances Carrie was able to share her faith in Christ and encourage the other ladies there. And what I found exciting is many ladies got saved as a result of her and her sister Betsie sharing their faith and having Bible studies with the Bible Corrie  was able to sneak in.

Sadly Corrie was the only member of her family to survive the Nazi death camp. Both her father and sister had become ill and died.  Corrie was released from the death camp due to a "clerical error"  which I don't know what that was but I do know that God definitely had His plans for her after her release.  A week after her release all the women in her age group were murdered by the Nazis in the gas chambers.

After her release, Corrie went on to continue serving the Lord and authoring several books including as mentioned The Hiding Place which was made into a movie. 

Carrie ten Boom graduated to her eternal reward on April 15th 1983 on her 91st birthday.

I really would like to encourage you if you get a chance to read The Hiding Place and be sure to have a box of tissues handy.

Sunday, March 14, 2021

And a Correction and Recommendstions

 The author of The Tubman Train is Doug Peterson not Doug Peter. I highly recommend his Underground Railroad true story series:

The Vanishing Woman The story of Ellen and William Craft. Ellen a light skinned black woman disguised herself as a white  man and her husband William as her slave. Ellen Craft was biracial as well as her mother and grandmother who were also slaves. Many women slaves were often violated by their masters which resulted in children.

The Disappearing Man- The story of Henry " Box" Brown who escaped slavery by (with the help of two friends) shipping himself in a cargo box that had a hole drilled in for air. I can't even imagine what it could have been like for Henry being in that box. There had to have been fear of getting caught or just being in the box and not having room to move.

The Tubman Train - The story of Harriet Tubman whom I've already mentioned who helped many slaves escape.

All the of the above mentioned Doug Peterson ebooks  are available on Amazon to download to your device.

New Post Coming!

 Hi ladies. I'm sorry I've been absent. I got a new Amazon Fire Kindle for posting because my previous Android  device quit working properly. According to the guy at Best Buy it was outdated and that's why I had issues with it not updating and restarting itself constantly. This one takes some getting used to but I think I'm liking all it's features. I always thought Kindles  were only ebooks readers! 

We also have company here visiting so that has taken time away from posting.I  hope your Lord's Day is going well!

Monday, March 1, 2021

Women's History Month- Harriet Tubman

 March is Women's History  Month. Last year I attempted to write posts on godly women instead of political figures but COVID caused  our state to be shut down and I  was preoccupied with all that was going on at the time. I would like to try again by this month by writing a post each week by a woman of faith. I don't want to post about political women's figures because most of them have ungodly lifestyles or have political views that go against the Word of God.

This week the spotlight  is on Harriet Tubman. I had no idea she had a strong faith in God.  In school we only focused on her rescuing slaves and her Underground Railroad. From what I read about her life she trusted God to lead her and keep her and the slaves safe. She and none of the slaves she rescued were ever caught. If they had been they would most certainly be hanged. There are many resources available to learn more  about this remarkable woman. I just finished reading a historical fiction novel called  The Tubman Train by Doug Peter which I highly recommend. 

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