Friday, June 26, 2015

Really Not Surprised

So the Supreme Court has ruled that homosexuals have the right to "marry" in all states. It really doesn't surprise me at all.It's really disgusting but the Bible says these things will happen in the last days. I really wish Jesus would hurry up and come!

I'm almost wanting to cancel all my Google accounts because the home pages says "YouTube and Google are proud to celebrate marriage equality". I'm thinking "really Google?"
So anyway, even if the court had ruled against gay marriage, it's wouldn't change their behavior. They will continue in their sin unless they turn to Christ. And it is sin! There is no such thing as being born gay. If that's the case, then that makes God's Word false and I believe His Word is true!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Headcoverings in the Black Church

 I came across this video on YouTube and I was surprised at all the veiled ladies. It is footage of
 Rev. Thomas A. Dorsey at some special service which I understand to be a consecration service. Many of ladies are dressed in white with white veilings.

To those of you who don't know who Thomas Dorsey was he was a gospel song writer who suffered a tremendous loss which inspired  him to write the song " Precious Lord, Take My Hand."  He was known as the "Father of Gospel Music". He went to be with the Lord in 1993 and there will never be another Thomas Dorsey. Perhaps a close second would be Andre Crouch who went to be with the Lord a couple of months ago.

Anyway, getting back to the veilings, I remember seeing ladies when I was a little girl going to church dresses like that. They looked so pretty!

When didn't go to church much when I was a little girl but we listened to live black churches on the radio in the morning and evenings.Gospel music was so much better back then than it is now.
So anyway, I was so excited to see these ladies. There is a closeup in the video of one a lady who reminded me of my mother.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Oh this poor neglected blog! I didn't plan to be away for so long.
So I gained back some of the weight I lost. That is disappointing but I'm okay with it because I'm trying again.

We left our church at the end of February which was very difficult but we just couldn't come to an agreement with the elders over an issue. We had been wondering whether we should leave or not.
So Tim went on the Daniel Fast. You can find information about it but basically it's a vegan diet. So anyway he spent a great deal of time in prayer during his fast. During this time he wasn't in church. I realize many don't agree with this approach but he was modeling after Jesus who took time away from the multitudes to be alone and pray.

As it was getting closer to the end of the fast there was little things happening that was seemed to be saying we should leave. At the end of  Tim's fast the Lord confirmed that it was time to leave. It was difficult of course. Several members had already left over the same reason we left. My husband even tried talking to our pastor but to no avail.:(

Currently we are not at a church due to us not being able to leave Tim's dad alone for long periods of time. He is recovering from a fall. There is a church Tim a the girls want to visit and possibly make it our church home. I on the other hand am willing to visit but I'm not sure I want to stay. I don't agree with some of the doctrine there.
We are thinking about taking taking turns staying with Papa so one of us can go to church. We feel Tim should visit the church first. I'm a little worried about visiting a church by myself but I know the Lord will be with me whenever I go.

I just really wish there was a Conservative Mennonite or some other conservative Anabaptist congregation nearby. I feel so at home and so does Tim. Our daughters on the other hand don't like the services because the singing is acappella and they think the Conservative Mennonites are too conservative. It's really too bad because I really think they can learn much the teen girls there.

Anyway, we just need to be patient with God. We watch Charles Stanley on Sunday mornings and I have the app so I can I can watch the sermon again.
It will be interesting indeed to see where God places us.

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