Monday, August 5, 2019

Post About Talking to Your Children About the Mass Shootings

Speechless and Sad 😢

Dear ones, I'm just overwhelmed by the deadly shootings over the weekend. So many lives cast into eternity.  We need to pray for the families of the victims.

I still remember the  shootings that occurred in our own backyard when we lived in the Santa Barbara area  . There was the Goleta post office shooting January 30th 2006 that left seven people dead including my friend's daughter in law.  Then May 23rd 2014 there was a drive by shooting  in Isla Vista that left six people dead. This wasn't gang related either. A guy just went down a street near UCSB and starting shooting at people. Both shooters were cowards and instead of facing a trial for their crimes they chose to kill themselves.

My daughter works at a preschool and in addition to fire drills they have shooter drills. THERE SHOULD NOT BE SUCH A THING AT A PRESCHOOL! OR ANY SCHOOL FOR THAT MATTER!!
Yes I was shouting and I'm sorry. 
I'm angry that people listen to the voice of Satan and carry out these heinous crimes. I'm angry mass shooters dont give a darn about the lives they destroy. They are selfish and they deserve whatever punishment they get whether here on earth or on Judgement Day.

Again I ask you to pray the Lord's comfort for the families who lost loved ones in all the shootings.

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