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Emu Egg

My oldest daughter came for Thanksgiving last week and tonight we got to scramble it and taste it for the very first time. It was very light and fluffy. Tim drilled a hole in it because we want to keep the empty shell. Here's Tim emptying the shell into a bowl. Isn't that shell pretty?

Google Blogger Grr!

I apologize if some of you have left comments and they haven't appeared. Google changed everyone's dashboard so I don't where to look for comments that need approval. Google calls it "improving". I say if it ain't broke, don't fix it! Someone's comment got put in the spam section which I never knew existed and I accidently it before I read it. Are any of you having issues with leaving comments on my blog or anyone elses?

People Without Jesus Part 2

A kindly Titus 2 lady led me to the Lord. She explained that "being good enough"  is not what the Bible says. She showed me scripture after scripture the plan for salvation. That was in the spring of 1982. I've haven't always been faithful during my walk with the Lord though. I walked away from Him after my dad died in 1984. I was very angry with Him for taking my dad away. I listened to angry heavy metal music,quit going to church and avoided my Christian friends. Funny thing is, this only lasted a few months because I was starting to miss my friends and most of all my Lord.
I was miserable and I was so happy the the Lord took me back.

When I think about that time I was away from the Lord I think of those who reject Him. They must be miserable and without peace. I know they are definitely not fun to be around. That clearly shows in the posts they make on the forum I mentioned in Part 1. Their post are very anti-Christian and anti-God. Oh how I hate how Satan has bli…

People Without Jesus Part 1

I feel really sorry for people who don't know the Lord. I really do. I follow blogs by Christian women and it boggles my mind the comments that people leave in response to a post. On one of the blogs I follow, some of the comments were hateful towards a very godly wife who chose to stay with her husband who cheated on her. Her husband has since repented and they are working on their marriage.. My comment  to those who were judging this wife was " Let those who are without sin cast the first stone..I'm waiting"  Did you know there are "perfect"? I couldn't believe these people who claimed they never sinned and how "perfect" they are. Then I realized they really don't have Jesus in their lives. Before I came to the Lord, I thought I was perfect and didn't sin. Just because I didn't lie, cheat, get drunk, didn't kill anyone, etc I thought I had a "clear conscience".  I was wrong. I thought because I was a "good per…

Being Thankful and Treats From God

This Thanksgiving I have a lot to be thankful for. I'm thankful I have the Lord in my life to guide me. I'm so very thankful for my husband and three daughters. I'm so thankful for our new house that the Lord directed us to.  I find it overwhelming sometimes how God has blessed us. The free furniture we got was extra special. One of the things the sellers left for us for free was a dinette set for seating for four. This works great since there are currently just four of us but we will have four extra people for early Thanksgiving on Monday. I was pondering this last Friday and was wondering where we would buy four extra chairs. Well that Saturday we needed to get the remainder of our stuff out of the U-Haul storage facility. They have a section where people can leave unwanted items or you can take something someone else has left. . It's a nice way to reduce waste. Well would you believe someone left four dining room chairs? They don't match our set but it doesn'…

If You Look Closely...

You will see a cute rabbit sitting in our rocks. I was doing dishes this morning and looking out my window and there it was. Tim snapped a picture for me. Isn't he cute? Mama if she were here she'd want him in her frying pan!