Thursday, December 30, 2010

Reflections of 2010

 This has been an interesting year for our family and an heartbreaking year for some other families we know. We have had our faith tested with Tim not working, getting sick from CO because our furnace malfunctioned,various serious illnesses and Tim's surgery. God has been very faithful and He has brought us through.

I think of the various losses that some have gone through this year. For me the one I remember most was the loss of several members and extended family members of the Esh family on March 26th. They left such a legacy and I try not to be sad when I listen to their music for now they are singing to the Lord.
You can learn more about the Eshes here and order their music. This website was set up after the car accident that took their lives

A lot of good things have happened too. We got a new pastor at our church who is just awesome. He is an excellent teacher and we are so blessed to have him and his family at our church.  He and his precious wife are expecting their third blessing in May. It will be fun having a new baby in our congregation again.

All my daughters are now teen or preteens at ages 10, 14 and 16. My 16 year old dd got her learner's permit and it anxious to learn to drive. It reminds me that she is growing up and getting to be more independent.

Tomorrow Lord willing I will reach a milestone in my life. I turn 50 years old! It's hard to believe but I'm rather excited. I won't be sporting a red hat or a red veiling. I will probably wear my one and only purple cape dress.

I want to wish all who read this a Happy New Year! I pray the Lord will bless you and keep you safe in the coming New Year.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Been Awhile- Again!

We had computer problems recently which is why I have taken so long to blog again. I missed blogging and it's so good to be back.
It seems that Hollywood is at it again with remakes and movies based on old television shows. The latest we saw an ad for on TV was for True Grit and Yogi Bear.
Now I'm not sure which one I should gripe about first so I will start with True Grit. This one stars Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon. Why in the world did they decide to take a great John Wayne movie and turn it into trash? Don't the directors, producers, etc have any original ideas of their own? Can you imagine what would happen if someone decide to remake a classic movie like say Casablanca?

And the problem with Yogi Bear? It's rated PG! What kind of junk have they put in this movie to make it a PG rating that when we were children growing up it was G rated?
Okay that's my rant for the day!

On a positive note Tim is healing well from his surgery but he still needs to take it easy and not rush into doing everything. It's hard because he gets cabin fever and he wants to get out and do stuff. Maybe by this weekend he will be able to go have lunch with the guys as this his custom on Saturdays.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Don't Forget the DVD Giveaway

Don't forget to enter the Art of Crafting contest I mentioned on Tuesday. Tomorrow  is the last day. Here is the email for entering

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Art of Crafting DVD Giveaway

As some of you sometimes readers know I have a set of "The Art of " series of DVDs from the West Ladies.
They have a contest going on and they are giving away their newest title "The Art of Crafting". You can enter by sending an email to
Hurry the contest ends October 30th and the winner will be announced on November 1st!

Surgery- See Update at Bottom of Post!

My husband's surgery is on Thursday the 28th. I'm trying not to be scared but I am. I'm scared of something going terribly wrong. I know this fear is not of God but I really can't help it.

I know that the Lord is in control and that He will be in the operating room with the surgery staff and my husband so I guess I just need to kick this fear in the bum and keep my faith in Jesus.

UPDATE!-10/29/10- Tim's surgery went well except doctor needed to take two ribs out because of the tumor and then put him back together again. He is in alot of pain as a result. He was pretty much out of it when I saw him last night and this morning when he called he sounded so tired but was glad to talk to me.  Please continue to pray for him.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Latest

Well the biopsy didn't show any cancer which we are relieved but the doctor won't know for sure until they take the tumor out. We will be talking with the doctor on Monday to discuss my husband's options. Unfortunately this thing is causing my dh a lot of pain and so we are thinking the sooner it comes out the better.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Yes I Know

I'm sorry for the delay. I've been dealing with severe insomnia and now I have a bad chest cold. I'm stressed because I'm concerned about my sweet husband. He had a biopsy done last week and tomorrow we find out the results. Naturally we are both concerned. My poor DH has already had nightmares about the results but we are both keeping a positive attitude and are trusting God for whatever the results are.

Friday, September 17, 2010

I'm Still Around

Wow it's been over a month since I posted. I don't know how that happened. Anyhoo, I'm very tired from lack of sleep so I will post more probably tomorrow or the next day.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Note About Martyrs Mirror

Martyrs Mirror was published in 1660 written by Thieleman J. van Braght. It was originally written in Dutch  though I'm not sure when it was  translated into English.

It is available to read online here
but I think a copy of the book would be easier to read than online.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Martyr's Mirror

I was reading a back issue of Keepers at Home magazine and I was reading the section that Gramma Lois(Gleanings from Gramma) writes about  Martyrs Mirror and she encouraged us sisters to read some of the accounts of the women who were martyred for their faith. One such sister was a young woman named Elizabeth who was tormented and drowned for her faith in Christ. This account is found on page 481 of Martyr's Mirror and page 70 in the Ausbund.

 There are many other accounts of women suffering for their Christian faith. I want to encourage you who are believers to get a copy of Martyr's Mirror for your home.  I believe every Christian  needs to have a copy of this book in their home.

You can get a copy of the book at Christian Light Publications . It is the size of a very large dictionary and there is so much to read. I'm sure there are people who have read it cover to cover.
Well I need to end this. My daughter is anxiously awaiting her turn to use the computer.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

When Will He Return?

Here in California Prop 8 which banned gay marriage was overturned which really doesn't surprise me. The decision will most likely be appealed in which case if it is God's will it will be reversed back.

Instead of getting angry about the judge's decision I think Christians should be praising God because that means it is a step closer to Jesus returning. We need to be on on our knees in prayer.

 The Bible says these type of things must happen before He returns. When will He return? No ones knows. The Bible is very clear on this issue. No matter what anyone says about a specific date of His return what is important is to be ready. Are you?

Monday, August 2, 2010


I was reading a few pages of Martyrs Mirror recently and the thought occurred to me that the people doing the executions and the witnesses must somehow become desensitized to watching someone die. The way  some of these brave Christians were put to death were just inhuman. I'm talking beheadings, being burned at the stake, put in an arena and lions turned loose on them and thousands of people watching. There were many other ways these persecuted Christians lost their lives. Some even more horrific than what I just typed. I would think that these people had to have had nightmares after seeing such horrible things done to the Christians(or anyone for that matter!)

The thing is we as Christians really need to remain faithful and remember what the early Christians went through for their faith.  There are Christians in foreign countries(like China and the Middle East) in prison for preaching the gospel.
We need to not take our freedom to worship the Lord for granted. It can so easily be taken away from us.

Been Awhile

I realize it's been awhile since I posted. Ive been busy with homemaker stuff so didn't have the time to post updates.
Did some canning and sewing which kept me rather busy. I'm praying about whether to take a sewing class again in the fall. I rather enjoyed it when I took it in the spring but it was rather uncomfortable at the same time being with people who aren't Christians. Sometimes the words that came out of the women's mouth was shocking. But I will continue to be a light amongst the darkness should the Lord opens up the doors for me to take the sewing class.
That being said I still have so much I need to learn about sewing so I can make my cape dress. I have a wonderful pattern but I'm not comfortable making it on my own. Then I'm also wondering if only ladies who are familiar with constructing a cape dress and know the principles as to why it is made the way it is would be better equipped to help me.

Ideally I would like my cape dress to be my sewing project for class but I'm thinking I need to complete the sewing lessons in Christian Light workbooks first. One of the lessons in the third book of the sewing curriculum is sewing a baby or small doll dress. I'm thinking once I master that project, then perhaps the cape dress will be a breeze.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Something on My Heart

Before you read this post any further I need to warn you that what I write in this post may be sensitive to some readers. Consider yourself warned.

I'm deeply concerned about the level of immodesty I'm seeing in young women, teen girls and even little girls.

Sunday at church there was a little girl about 7 or 8 years of age dressed in an outfit you would normally see on a teen girl. Why are clothing designers trying to make our little girls, some who are still playing with baby dolls look sexy?

I know I have failed many times in the area of modesty when it comes to my own daughters. I want to please the Lord and to be honest I think it would be so much easier if I had been raised in a plain church. Of course that is probably an excuse because I know people who are not attending a plain church but they still have a standard for modesty.

I love the way Conservative Mennonite cape dresses look and they are so comfortable to wear. They probably are old fashioned and frumpy looking to most people but I really don't care. They don't make one look "holier than thou" but of course there are some people who believe that is the case.

What kind of message are we sending when we get dressed in the morning?
I really had much more to say (Remember the warning in the beginning of this post?) but I decided it was just too sensitive for my younger readers.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

When it Rains it Pours

I really can't believe all the things that fell apart and needs to be repaired or replaced. Our printer has been acting terrible and it won't print properly. The range literally fell apart. I was taking dinner out of the oven yesterday and the door came off. It hadn't closed properly for a number of years now and yestereday it came completely off the hinge and it can't be repaired because the hinge is pretty much broken.

The sink is clogged and we will probably need a plumber.

But the Lord is in control. He will take care of all our needs and none of the things that went wrong are too big for Him to handle. We are getting a new oven on Tuesday . This one has a burner in the center which will be perfect for canning.

Everything else is a wait and see deal.

I got some sewing done this week which was refreshing. I sewed a couple of resuable shopping bags for two of my daughters and will finish my oldest dd's bag tomorrow. Sewing is so relaxing except it can be hard on your back from the constant leaning forward.

I finally got some canning done. I did a few quarts of apricots and several pints of various jams. These should keep us going through winter.

I saw a recipe in the Ball Blue Book for mint jelly and that sounded so good! I have some peppermint growing which it is really thriving so I think I will make a few jars of mint jelly.

If you have never tried canning anything I would recommend you try. Start with water bath canning first and make some jam. Ball has a starter canning kit called the Ball Discovery Kit (or something like that) that is less than $25 and it is just right for the beginner canner. Also get the Ball Blue Book of Preserving which has a ton of information on using both the water bath canner and a pressure canner for canning meats, veggies, soups, etc.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

What a Blessing!

Last weekend our homeschool group had it's annual used curriculum sale. Those are always fun because you see people you haven't seen in awhile and we can get curriculum at reduced prices.

We also have a table set up for free items. These can be anything from curriculum, toys, books, household items, anything . I had told myself that I would try to avoid that area because I can over do it and end up with way too much stuff. Like I need more clutter!

Well I did end up in the free curriculum area while I waited for one of my daughters to buy a book and while I was waiting I saw this box sitting on the floor. I was curious as to what was in the box so I decided to check it out. I saw that it had some No Greater Joy magazines and a few Above Rubies magazines. As I was digging deeper in the box I saw for me the most wonderful treasure, back issues of Keepers at Home magazine! I couldn't believe it! I was so excited because I have been wanting back issues for the longest time. They were from Winter 1999- about 2008.

KAH is my absolute favorite magazine because the articles are so encouraging (and sometimes convicting!) and I share their doctrinal beliefs.

I read one article a few days ago on complaining. I felt like I had the sense knocked into me after I read it. I don't feel very Christlike when I complain. Believe me I have had my share of things to complain about.

However I have found that when I complain it doesn't change the situation not one bit. It better to just deal with it with a merry heart or better yet, give the whole situation to the Lord no matter how small the matter is.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Hope This Works

Gonna try and post a picture of the bread and a happy mama(me!) here.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

On Beiing Older and Learning From Younger Women

I have found that for some reason much of what I have learned about being a godly wife and mother have come from younger women.
I learned about headcovering from a younger mom. I learned about submission and reverence for my husband from a younger friend.
This is totally the opposite of what the Bible teaches in Titus 2 where it says "the aged women" are to be teaching the younger to love their husbands and children, be a keeper at home etc.

Mind you I'm 49 years old and I've been married 16 years and I still learning these things. I find myself wondering if I have any wisdom to help a younger wife and mom struggling in her God given role.
I wish I had the wisdom of Nancy Campbell of Above Rubies who is definitely a Titus 2 woman or the wisdom of younger mom Michelle Duggar.

As I look at what I just wroteI'm thinking "Why am I comparing myself to other moms?" In my Christian life I will always be learning whether it be from younger women or older. All of us are always learning and growing. God can even use a child to encourage us in our Christian walk.

Bread Update

Well yesterday's bread came out great. My daughter took a picture so if I can figure out how to post a picture, I will post it.
We made three loaves today but they didn't come out too well but they still tasted great!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bread Making

I got together with a friend on Monday to try our hand at making bread without a bread machine for the first time.
We watched the first part of The Art of Breadmaking first then while the bread was on it's first rise we watched the remainder of the DVD.

We had a lot of fun and I encourage you all to try to make bread. I think it's more fun when you try it with a friend.
I was so encouraged by the success of the bread I made at my friend's house that I bought some loaf pans and made another loaf at home.
Then it occurred to me that we should have taken pictures of our first loaves of bread. Oh well.

So now I have dough rising for bread to go with the pot roast cooking in the crockpot. I hope I have success with this loaf. This will be a basic white loaf. It's not the healthiest but I'm still experimenting and learning the whole breadmaking process.

I will post later with the reults of this latest loaf of bread.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

If You Love Sewing for Charity..

You will love this site! One of our homeschooling moms sent this link for making little girls dresses from pillowcases. They are so cute and you can make them as modest as you would like! You can find nice pillowcases at thrift stores. I'm trying to figure out how to make a simple dress for the moms as well. It would be nice to have mother-daughter dresses. Enjoy!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Good Morning!

Today I wil be busy getting school done with my children,repairing an dress, making an apron and making bread.
I learned a few things from the Homestead Blessings DVD that will help me with my sewing.
I've only recently learned how to sew and I find it very relaxing and fun. I think it would be fun to have a treadle sewing machine. They definitely would come in handy if the power goes out. And you get those leg and foot muscles going too!
Well that's all for now. I'm still learning my way around here at Blogspot but it is way easier that my previous blog host.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Feeling Adventurous

I recently recieved a set of DVDs of the Homestead Blessings Art of.... series by the West Ladies. So far I have watched The Art of Canning, The Art of Sewing, The Art of Cooking and The Art of Quilting. The West Ladies consist of mom Vicki and daughters Hannah, Jasmine and CeCe. They are Christian ladies who encourage wives and mothers in various homemaking skills. So now I want to try quilting and gardening. The Homestead Blessings Collection consists of 10 DVDs in addition to the ones mentioned above there is also The Art of Candle Making, The Art of Herbs, The Art of Soap Making,The Art of Gardening, The Art of Breadmaking and The Art of Dairy Delights.

I feel so blessed because I've been wanting these DVDs for years and I was so happy when they went on sale. You can order them through

Anyway, I highly reccommend these DVDs and they make the perfect gift for a new bride.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Trying Something New

Well I thought I would give Blogspot a try. My other two blog sites which are sister sites changed servers and I'm not happy about it so here I am.
I hope this is as fun as my previous blog sites.

Moving My Blog

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