Saturday, September 21, 2019

Ministering to Someone Who Does Not Like You

I'm going to be ministering soon to a lady and her family who has made it clear that she does not like me. She is attends our church and is a part one of  ministries at church but for the life of me I can't figure out why she doesn't like me or what I could have done to her. I thought it was all in my head but she refuses to talk to me. She doesn't smile at me or even acknowledge my presence.  If I were very brave I would just ask her if I've done anything to offend her but this has been happening ever since we started attending this fellowship.

Because her family is going through a very rough time now I don't want to ask her why but honestly I'm terrified of going to her house because I'm afraid she will ignore me. Thankfully her husband will be there.
My husband too will be with me so I won't feel so intimidated by her.

Now you are probably wondering why I would minister to someone who can't stand me? It's because I want to. Because I'm looking at this picture of Dirk Willems( martyred Dutch Anabaptist) rescuing his jailer who fell through the ice while pursuing him after Dirk escaped from jail. The scripture that says "Love your enemies and bless them that curse you." Matthew 5:44

So even though this lady is my "enemy" she is also my sister in Christ and I pray she will receive me in her home as a sister in Christ too.

One a different note my daughter Kaitlyn and I thank you all for praying for her after her oral surgery. Her mouth feels much better and she is well enough to attend and sing in church tomorrow.  Praise our Heavenly Father!

Thursday, September 12, 2019


My poor youngest baby girl( okay she's 18 but still my baby) had all four wisdom teeth removed. She was in a lot of pain but currently she is doing a little better. We are staying on top of the pain. Something I learned from the nurses after my c- sections is to take your pain killers regularly and not wait until the pain get too much to bear. Her jar is still very swollen and she has to eat soft foods for the next few days. If you think of it, please pray for her.

On My Mind

Thank you to all who responded to a previous of mine.  It was good to know I'm not alone.

So what is on my mind today? Well, there is so much I think it will make your heads spin.  So I will list a few and not in any particular order:

1.Making crocheted mittens
2. Two women's Bible studies  at church
3. Learning to Quilt
4.Wednesday night Bible study with hubby at church
5. Sundays
6. My washer pees on the floor
7. Why doesn't God answer my prayer
8.  Why is Blogger making changes
9. Is your head spinning yet?

1.So let's start with the mittens. I had never made mittens and this is a challenging project. The thumb is the hardest for me to figure out.
 I currently have mittens without thumbs so I'm going to enlist the help of seasoned crocheters.

2. I'm involved with two women's Bible studies at church. One  study is on the book of Revelation  and the other we are on the Sermon on the Mount. I don't normally do women's Bible studies but I realized that I really don't know many of the ladies so I decided to give it a shot. I love my Sermon on the Mount group. Most of the ladies in the group are what I remember in the black church as the "mothers" of the church. These sweet ladies are in their 80s and 90s and are as sweet as can be.

3. I'm trying to decide if I really like quilting.  I'm going crazy over a quilt top I started weeks ago.

4.I really like going to the Wednesday night study and I have no plans to give it up.

5.Sundays have been a challenge for me. We go to two services because our daughter has worship practice at 8am.
We have three services. The first service  is hymns ( my absolute favorite) and the next two are contemporary with the third a little louder.
That being said there are times that I just don't want to sing and either I lipsync or I just stop singing altogether if the lyrics start to get on my nerves.  It's not a good place to be but I have my reasons. As a matter of fact, I had typed a whole explanation as to why I do this but I deleted it. In this morning's devotion the author had shared  similar experiences of not having her heart fully focused on the Lord's Day.  Singing to the Lord should be done joyfully and with reverence.  This is something I need to work on.

6. My washer acts like it hasn't been potty trained and pees on the floor.  I cleared the drain hose and cleaned the  lint filter ( yes washers have lint filters) per instructions in  the manual. It still leaks even after I gave it a good scolding!

7. I still wonder why God hasn't given me a clear answer to a specific prayer. It would seem to me, if He answered in my favor, it would work out to my advantage. Okay actually God knows better than I what's good for me.

8. Blogger is planning on making changes in the next few weeks and I don't like change! Blogger is fine the way it is.

9. Grab your head on both sides and it will stop spinning. I promise!

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Recent Blogs Posts on Biblical Womanhood

Good evening! I hope you are enjoyed  your Labor Day. I want to share some recent posts from other bloggers who have written on being godly wives and mothers.

Tajuana is doing an excellent  6 part series on God's plan for Christian wives. You can find her at

June at A Wise Woman Builds Her House recently did a post on setting up your homeschool room but she has regular link ups. She is at

Eleanor at Radically for Jesus posted a video on her blog on not being a gossip. You can find her at

Monday, September 2, 2019

Sorry for My Absence -(I Actually Started This on August 27th!)

I'm very sorry for being gone from writing and slow in reading/commenting on  your blogs.
I honestly couldn't think of anything to write however I will say I'm struggling with contentment or in my case, lack of it.

I seem to go through times of wishing I was more like Sister So and So, why didn't we raise our family like that family or why can't we go be with such and such  group of friends ( Christ followers) on a regular basis.

We were with a group of friends over the weekend for a going away gathering for our  friends who are moving out of the state . As I observed the various people I felt a tinge of envy.  Here were folks who haven't conformed to the world and it's ideas. They haven't compromised their convictions.  They are not perfect by any means.

I'm sad for well known Christians who have recently left the faith. Oh how I pray they will return before it's too late.
 I think all of us go through periods of faith challenges and you wonder if God is really there and why certain tragedies are allowed to happen.

Well I'm sorry for what appears, to be a rambling post.  Today I'm better than I was last month and I have some topics to write about.
Stay tuned!

Moving My Blog

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