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Spiritual Look Back

I've been thinking about my spiritual life from the time I got saved and where I'm at now. I saw a YouTube video of my former pastor at the church( Pentecostal) I was going to. He was a brilliant man of God. He's with the Lord now but I wish I had gotten to know him better. I was still very much a baby Christian when I was attending so I was very confused about doctrinal matters but I didn't ask my pastor any questions about anything that the church taught.

I eventually left that church because I had moved too far away and no one lived near my new apartment. The church I started attending (Foursquare) was very different from what I was used. It was a mostly white congregation and my old church was all black. I was also used to the pastor wearing a robe and this one did not. After attending for awhile  it seemed like a good fit. The pastor was great and was knowledgeable about the Bible. I left that church because I moved out 300 miles away and church was the hardest f…