Saturday, October 20, 2012

Spiritual Look Back

 I've been thinking about my spiritual life from the time I got saved and where I'm at now. I saw a YouTube video of my former pastor at the church( Pentecostal) I was going to. He was a brilliant man of God. He's with the Lord now but I wish I had gotten to know him better. I was still very much a baby Christian when I was attending so I was very confused about doctrinal matters but I didn't ask my pastor any questions about anything that the church taught.

I eventually left that church because I had moved too far away and no one lived near my new apartment. The church I started attending (Foursquare) was very different from what I was used. It was a mostly white congregation and my old church was all black. I was also used to the pastor wearing a robe and this one did not. After attending for awhile  it seemed like a good fit. The pastor was great and was knowledgeable about the Bible. I left that church because I moved out 300 miles away and church was the hardest for me to leave but God had other plans for me.
Anyway, I went to many different churches and through all my Christian life.  Since then I have learned that one should always check a church's teachings and if it doesn't line up with scripture then it is better to find one that does.

We attend an awesome  Baptist church with excellent teaching and the members are just wonderful people to be around. They love the Lord and each other. I can't begin to tell you how much this church has been a blessing to us and how much of a blessing it is to serve others.
More later!

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