Wednesday, February 28, 2018

I'm a Big Chicken!

 I wish that the Lord would give me the gift of boldness it comes to naming false teachers amongst us.. I really do.  I've read many a blog where the blog authors will say who these false teachers are. Many of the are very popular Christian women authors and speakers who have huge followings. Some of theSE bold blog authors have received a lot of backlash from women who have been deceived by the popular authors calling them "judgemetal", "jealous" and "gossipy".

I find myself asking myself " Why am I afraid to say something?" I think a big part of it, I don't like conflict. It's scary for me and I just don't deal with it well. My heart races and my stomache churns. I cringe when I hear about women being "swept away" by the latest books or studies by some of these speakers. Jesus warned about false teachers and prophets. Ladies we need to avoid them at all costs! A woman who claims to be Christian  who writes a blog, told me that wives don't need to submit to their husbands because Jesus never said we had to. I ws rather dumbfounded by her words. I found it very scary because she is an older woman and she is supposed to be a Titus 2 woman.  She was even asked about that but she had some outlandish explaination of what it "really" means. I ran from her blog and won't be back!

 I have however learned over the years that just because someone is popular and successful doesn't mean their teachings line up with God'd Word.  I am learning to really listen to what they are saying and check it against my Bible.  God doesn't say in His Word  "Eveyone obey me in this matter except Sister So and So. She's received a special "annoiting" from Me and doesn't need to obey." Nope, God doesn't show favortism.

Someone once wrote a post asking if we as women are easier to deceive than men. It's possible but I don't know for sure.  I know I had been deceived by a woman teacher/speaker who has pretty much become "pastor" to both men and women and is into the Word of Faith doctrine.
Anyway, we a Christian women need to really and I do mean listen to what you are being taught. We don't need to be taught what we want to hear but what we need to hear. We don't need "flowery" feel good books that gloss over the Word of God.

I just needed to get this off my chest and I'm praying for the boldness to one day shed my" chicken feathers " and write a post about the speakers that trouble me if the Lord wills.

It has quit snowing but it looks like it wants to start again. I think I will have a large cup of tea and get warm.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Do You Know Where to Find These?

I am trying with no luck to find  more these particular tunisian crochet hooks. Amazon used to sell them but no longer do. Any ideas? The brand name is Easy Tunisian Crochet Hooks. Any information on finding this brand will be helpful. Thanks you in advance!

Friday, February 23, 2018

Okay I'm Ready for Spring!!

This was taken from the comfort of my nice warm  living room.
I really like the snow but I think it's time for Jack Frost to leave and come back in December. Yes  it's time for flowers to bloom and birds to come back to their nest. Even Kirstie Kitty is seeking refuge in a box.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Scare at the Local High School

 Yesterday there was a scare at the local high school in town.  Apparently a 16 year old former student had supposedly "jokingly" threatened to shoot up the school.  Police were called and the suspect has been taken into custody for questioning and mental evaluation. I shudder at the thought that this could have been another school shooting. My 17 year daughter doesn't attend this school. I can probably see the school from our back property if some of the trees weren't there.

It's a scary thing to think that parents can't even send their children to school without fear of something happening. Kids should be able to go to school without worrying if this will be their last day on earth.
Lord Jesus, come quickly!

Monday, February 19, 2018

The Simple Woman's Daybook

       For Today


 Looking out my window  ...It has stopped snowing. It's been a mixture of snow, hail and rain today and it is very cold and windy out.

I am thinking... about whether I should prayerfully and gently confront a sister in the Lord who is being dishonest about something, though I hoped I had imagined it, sadly today I discovered it was true.☹

I am thankful... We made it home safely today after going into town and getting caught in the snowstorm. God is good!

One of my favorite things... is to read Keepers at Home magazine

I am wearing... a purple flowered dress covered up by my apron and black slippers

I am creating... well I will be sewing up some hanging veil head coverings. Some of the ones I have are getting stained. My middle daughter suggested I save my white veils for church or other church related activities. My husband suggested that I keep the stained ones for when I clean the house. They are so wise in their suggestions!

I watched... an old movie last night called "The Fabulous Dorseys" It's was about big band leaders Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey. I love to listen to big band music and watch big band movies!

I am hoping... that gun laws would be changed. My heart is still breaking over the people who died in Florida's massacre especially those kids!

I am learning... many things in the book of Acts each time I study it.

In my kitchen... we just finished a dinner of ribs,spinach salad and mashed potatoes. 

Post Script...I'm linking up with other ladies for The Simple Woman Daybook here http://thesimplewoman,

Shared quote..."Girl don't you be rolling your eyes at me!"  Robert J. King who was my dad who said that to us when we would get mad at him and we would roll our eyes. 

A moment from my day... the fabric and pattern for my headcovering.

In closing... I hope you enjoyed reading my daybook. You can find out more about creating your own daybook by visiting the links above that I provided.  Peggy Hochstettler is the original creator of TSW Daybook and has provided prompts to keep it in it's original form. Have a wonderful evening (or day if you are reading this on Tuesday)

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Prayers for Florida

My heart is breaking for the families of those 17 people who died in yesterday's school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. I don't understand how something like this can happen.

I suppose, no I KNOW I should pray for the shooter Nikolas Cruz too. I know as a believer in our Lord Jesus I should pray for him. I know that God loves him. As one who wants all to experience the love of Christ and wants all to receive  Him as Lord and Savior I should pray for him.  But the mother heart in me wants him executed swiftly for what he did.  Back in the old days he would have been executed almost immediately. So I will pray for Nikolas Cruz's family. I can't even imagine what his family is going through. The shock and shame they must be experiencing.  Maybe  in time my prayers will extend to Nikolas too.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

25 Years Ago...

I married the love of my life. Back then I couldn't see 25 years into the future. I never imagined having three daughters.  We didn't anticipate struggles on both our parts but we are so grateful for the way the Lord has brought us through. Things are not perfect between but we continue to trust God and know that He can work things out.
And now for your giggling pleasure, here are a few pictures from our wedding. This was before I was into a conservative plain lifestyle. Sorry for the blurriness.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Simple Valentine Craft

I really hate tossing out the used lids from my canning jars so I like to save them other uses since they can't be used again for canning.

So I got a lid. Cut out some pretty fabric in a circle. I glued it on the lid. Got a floral sticker and hot glued it to the fabric to make sure it wouldn't fall off. Then I glued some heart stickers all around the lid and hot glued a piece of lace on the back.
Here's my finished project. This would be fun for children to do. Sorry it's off center.

Silly Things I Believed When I Was Little

I want to thank you all again for your sweet comments regarding my friend's homegoing. They were precious to me!

I watched a YouTube  video last week about silly things we believed when we were children so I will share ten silly things I believed when I was little starting at number 10. * Denotes things my parents told us and they were so convincing too!

10. If you are being chased by a snake, they will "stand up" and look for you.*

9.Thunder is actually God bowling with the angels and if the thunder is loud, God made a strike.

8. People lived in the tv and radio. I used to look in the back of the television trying to find the people. The tubes used to confuse me because I thought perhaps the people were hiding.

7. When my dad was driving and he would pass the sign that says " Do Not Pass" I was terrified we would either get into an accident or he would get a ticket for passing by that sign.

6. If I swallowed any kind of seed it would grow in my stomach.*

5. I was totally convinced my parents were lying about us ever being babies when they showed us our baby pictures. And oh the horror of finding out we were born naked!

4. I thought tornadoes were like the one in Wizard of Oz so I wanted to be in one so it would land at Disneyland.

3. I was convinced the actors on tv had something wrong with them because everytime I saw them they looked completely different.

2. Japan was home to monsters like Godzilla.* I was terrified Godzilla would make his way to Los Angeles.

1. Sunflowers ate people.  This was a result from watching scary movies with my parents and there was always the man eating plant that looked like a sunflower!😮

Bonus-  B.B. King was our long lost cousin *.  Every time my parents put on a B.B. King record, we would say " Cousin B.B.!" I was hoping he would come visit us sometime but of course he never did.

So how about you dear friends? Are there any silly things you believed as a child? Please share in the comments below or in your blog.

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