Monday, September 8, 2014

Headcovering Styles and Christian Women

Most of you know that I believe and wear a headcovering because of Paul's teaching in I Corinthians 11:1-15. I've heard all the arguments against it like our long hair is our covering, Paul was only speaking to the Corinth church only (but what about the verses regarding communion?), to it was a cultural thing and more. I respect those who disagree with me and I will never ever judge ladies who don't wear headcoverings.
 I want to post about headcovering styles for Christian women. Now  before go on I want to say these are my own personal opinions and are not meant to be judgmental.

 That being said I would like to caution women to really choose their covering very carefully and with much prayer. I really believe that our covering needs to reflect that we are Christians and not another religion. It's very easy to be mistaken for a non-Christian woman if we wear a covering that is commonly by women of another religion. I think especially nowadays with the political climate and the horrible crimes that ISIS is committing we needs to be very careful with the type of  covering we choose. I believe our covering needs to point people to Christ. By doing so there shouldn't be any doubt that we are covering out of obedience to the Bible.

 If you are attending a church where headcovering is practiced and the ladies have an agreed upon style then of course wear that. If the ladies in your church wears kapps then it would be a bad witness to rebel and show up for church with a bandana because you no longer want to wear a kapp.

There are lots of styles of coverings available and many places to buy them. Styles include hanging veils like what I wear, bandanas, scarves, kapps etc. You can find many places online to buy coverings and also patterns are available if you like to sew and prefer to make your own coverings. Just put "Christian Headcoverings" in your preferred search engine.
I personally don't sew my own veils but I think I will start since I have so many veil patterns I could open my own shop!

So anyway sisters I hope this post was encouraging to you. To the  Christian ladies who truly feel they are led to wear a covering that is associated with a non Christian religion please don't feel this post is meant to judge or condemn you. 

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