Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Note About Martyrs Mirror

Martyrs Mirror was published in 1660 written by Thieleman J. van Braght. It was originally written in Dutch  though I'm not sure when it was  translated into English.

It is available to read online here
but I think a copy of the book would be easier to read than online.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Martyr's Mirror

I was reading a back issue of Keepers at Home magazine and I was reading the section that Gramma Lois(Gleanings from Gramma) writes about  Martyrs Mirror and she encouraged us sisters to read some of the accounts of the women who were martyred for their faith. One such sister was a young woman named Elizabeth who was tormented and drowned for her faith in Christ. This account is found on page 481 of Martyr's Mirror and page 70 in the Ausbund.

 There are many other accounts of women suffering for their Christian faith. I want to encourage you who are believers to get a copy of Martyr's Mirror for your home.  I believe every Christian  needs to have a copy of this book in their home.

You can get a copy of the book at Christian Light Publications . It is the size of a very large dictionary and there is so much to read. I'm sure there are people who have read it cover to cover.
Well I need to end this. My daughter is anxiously awaiting her turn to use the computer.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

When Will He Return?

Here in California Prop 8 which banned gay marriage was overturned which really doesn't surprise me. The decision will most likely be appealed in which case if it is God's will it will be reversed back.

Instead of getting angry about the judge's decision I think Christians should be praising God because that means it is a step closer to Jesus returning. We need to be on on our knees in prayer.

 The Bible says these type of things must happen before He returns. When will He return? No ones knows. The Bible is very clear on this issue. No matter what anyone says about a specific date of His return what is important is to be ready. Are you?

Monday, August 2, 2010


I was reading a few pages of Martyrs Mirror recently and the thought occurred to me that the people doing the executions and the witnesses must somehow become desensitized to watching someone die. The way  some of these brave Christians were put to death were just inhuman. I'm talking beheadings, being burned at the stake, put in an arena and lions turned loose on them and thousands of people watching. There were many other ways these persecuted Christians lost their lives. Some even more horrific than what I just typed. I would think that these people had to have had nightmares after seeing such horrible things done to the Christians(or anyone for that matter!)

The thing is we as Christians really need to remain faithful and remember what the early Christians went through for their faith.  There are Christians in foreign countries(like China and the Middle East) in prison for preaching the gospel.
We need to not take our freedom to worship the Lord for granted. It can so easily be taken away from us.

Been Awhile

I realize it's been awhile since I posted. Ive been busy with homemaker stuff so didn't have the time to post updates.
Did some canning and sewing which kept me rather busy. I'm praying about whether to take a sewing class again in the fall. I rather enjoyed it when I took it in the spring but it was rather uncomfortable at the same time being with people who aren't Christians. Sometimes the words that came out of the women's mouth was shocking. But I will continue to be a light amongst the darkness should the Lord opens up the doors for me to take the sewing class.
That being said I still have so much I need to learn about sewing so I can make my cape dress. I have a wonderful pattern but I'm not comfortable making it on my own. Then I'm also wondering if only ladies who are familiar with constructing a cape dress and know the principles as to why it is made the way it is would be better equipped to help me.

Ideally I would like my cape dress to be my sewing project for class but I'm thinking I need to complete the sewing lessons in Christian Light workbooks first. One of the lessons in the third book of the sewing curriculum is sewing a baby or small doll dress. I'm thinking once I master that project, then perhaps the cape dress will be a breeze.

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