Thursday, April 22, 2021

Fire and Brimstone Preaching

 I have friends who have grown up in churches where the pastor would preach fiery sermons about hell fire and damnation. They said they were so glad to not be at such churches. There was a phrase the late Bible teacher  Dr. J. Vernon  McGee would say when he was about to say something that might step on toes or something profound. He would say "May I say to you". 

Well, may I say to you, given our current state of affairs in our country, there is nothing wrong with such preaching. Mass shootings, riots, immoral lifestyles, murdering unborn babies, etc it appears people have no fear of God. They've lost respect for God and themselves. Our country has gone dowhill and well as the rest of the world!

Now I'm not talking about screaming, accusing, judgemental preaching. I'm talking preaching that warns what will happens on judgement day if we aren't leading a life that honors God. I'm talking about preaching that comes straight from the Bible and doesn't water down the scriptures. I love our pastor's teaching. He's not afraid to speak truth and he is concerned about the unsaved.

It's time pastors stop being afraid of offending people and losing members. People's souls are in danger!

In the Beginning...

 God created the heaven and the earth.  Genesis 1:1

Even though it's Earth Day lets not get too caught up in the creation but remember the Creator. I'm studying Genesis using the Thru the Bible Radio Network app with the late Dr. J. Vernon McGee.  Though he went to his heavenly reward in 1988 his radio ministry still lives on.

Moving My Blog

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