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Long Delay!

Okay I realize it's been a few weeks since I last posted. I've spoken to hubby and he given his blessing to do YouTube videos. I'm thinking my topics will include things like motherhood, being a godly wife, modesty etc. Tim and I agreed that probably every topic in the world has been on YouTube but I think it is always nice to have fresh ideas.
So I will try to post a intro video sometime next week.

Been Thinking

I've been thinking about doing a YouTube video. I've been watching the radically4jesus channel this past week and Eleanor has some really great videos. She is a great encouragement to me. As a result I was inspired by what she talks about in areas of modesty, Christian wives submitting to their husbands, sewing and other topics pertaining to Christian women. As a result I would like to try my hand in video making. I saw that I can moderate comments to keep spam and rude comments out.

I have some ideas about what I would like to discuss but I really need to pray and seek the Lord and my husband's counsel on this. If I decide to do a video or a series of videos I will post information. I have a channel but no videos.