Friday, January 14, 2011

Eating Healthy

One of my goals this year which I don't think I wrote in my last post is to eat healthier and lose wait. I tried over the holidays but it proved to be the wrong time. I did however eat less over the holidays than I had in previous years.

I'm praying about having a membership at the YMCA. Our family is doing a there class called Healthy Family Home that our health insurance is paying for. It involves palying active games with the family and learning ways to eat healthier. It only goes for six weeks but I hope we to make some improvements in our lifestyle.

Our bodies are temples for the Holy Spirit and we need to treat it properly.
I plan on taking brisk walks with my family more often. There is an elderly lady about 70 or 80 who power walks in our neighborhood. I hope to join her some morning.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year and 2011 Goals

I can't believe it's 2011 already! It seems like we were just celebrating 2010.
Each year I try to list goals for the year. I don't always succeed but I hope to accomplish what the Lord wants me to do. I don't make New Year's resolutions but I make goals instead.
So here are  at least 10 goals and they are not in any particular order.
  1. Read my Bible and devotions each day.
  2. Read few pages of Martyr's Mirror each week.
  3. Pray daily for my family and extended family members.
  4. Encourage my children to read their Bible more.
  5. Sew at least two items for gifts.
  6. Sew a dress for myself.
  7. Not to get so shy when sharing about why I  wear a head covering in obedience to 1 Cor 11:3-15.(that is a hard one)
  8. Have the study guide lesson for the Sunday sermon that Pastor teaches on completed each week
  9. Share Christ with several people throughout the year.
  10. Truly commit to prayer a particular desire of my heart that I just haven't spend as much in prayer about as I should.
I don't know how well I will do with these goals especially number 10 because I am being hit with resistance with some family members and I'm not sure what the Lord's will is for this particular desire. I will really need to seek the Lord in all these goals and be willing to accept His will and not my own.

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