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Reflections of 2010

This has been an interesting year for our family and an heartbreaking year for some other families we know. We have had our faith tested with Tim not working, getting sick from CO because our furnace malfunctioned,various serious illnesses and Tim's surgery. God has been very faithful and He has brought us through.

I think of the various losses that some have gone through this year. For me the one I remember most was the loss of several members and extended family members of the Esh family on March 26th. They left such a legacy and I try not to be sad when I listen to their music for now they are singing to the Lord.
You can learn more about the Eshes here and order their music. This website was set up after the car accident that took their lives

A lot of good things have happened too. We got a new pastor at our church who is just awesome. He is an excellent teacher and we are so blessed to have him and his family at our church.  He and his precious wife are…

Been Awhile- Again!

We had computer problems recently which is why I have taken so long to blog again. I missed blogging and it's so good to be back.
It seems that Hollywood is at it again with remakes and movies based on old television shows. The latest we saw an ad for on TV was for True Grit and Yogi Bear.
Now I'm not sure which one I should gripe about first so I will start with True Grit. This one stars Jeff Bridges and Matt Damon. Why in the world did they decide to take a great John Wayne movie and turn it into trash? Don't the directors, producers, etc have any original ideas of their own? Can you imagine what would happen if someone decide to remake a classic movie like say Casablanca?

And the problem with Yogi Bear? It's rated PG! What kind of junk have they put in this movie to make it a PG rating that when we were children growing up it was G rated?
Okay that's my rant for the day!

On a positive note Tim is healing well from his surgery but he still needs to take it easy a…