Thursday, October 22, 2020

Well... Sigh...Unhappy

I well ladies it turns out my finger is fractured from the sewing machine needle going through. I suspected the needle did hit a bone though the doctor at the urgent care clinic didn't think so. I'm not very happy with this at all. I'm being referred to an orthopedic doctor hopefully in town and I won't need to go down to Phoenix. So I've been instructed to keep it immobilized. I glad I'm not left handed but now this puts a damper on doing any sewing.

Monday, October 12, 2020

My Newest Dress

This is the jumper dress I sewed last month. If you're following me on Instagram you might have seen it. I paired with a cozy sweater. It's actually blue but for whatever reason the color is weird in the photo. I left out the side pockets this time and attempted to sew gathers which I regretted due to obvious mistakes but it's part of the learning process.

Book Review:Sense and Sensibility -Jane Austen/Karen Swallow Prior

This edition of Sense and Sensibility stays true to Jane Austin's book but Karen Swallow Prior gives readers an opportunity to read the book and discuss it as Christians. Discussion questions are provided at the end of each section of the and at the end of the book. She includes a note to the reader which Karen says is to "enlighten and assist those who have read Sense and Sensibility and those who have not". Since she is aware that there are readers who have never read it before she is careful to avoid spoilers in her introduction to the work. There are also footnotes throughout the book to define or explain most archaic words and usages. I found this most helpful. This is a very nice edition of Sense and Sensibility with a beautiful hardcover and ribbon bookmark. Scriptures used are from the ESV (English Standard Version) so if you are not a fan of the ESV then feel to use the Bible version you prefer. I received a copy of this book from the publisher ( B&H) in exchange for my honest review. I apologize for the formatting of my post. I still can't get Blogger to cooperate.

Thank You ☺

Thank you all for your kind comments and prayers from my last post. I appreciate you all so much. An explanation as to what happened is in order. But if your are squeamish you might not want to read any further. I had replaced the regular sewing foot with the walking foot which is what you see in the picture in the last post. Neither I nor my daughter noticed that it wasn't on correctly. I had set my machine on zig zag and when I started to sew the foot came loose and the needle went through my fingernail straight through my index finger as I was guiding the fabric. The needle had broke in half and was sticking out the top and bottom of my finger. After a visit from EMTs (who aren't allowed to remove foreign objects) I went to urgent care where the needle was removed. My finger doesn't hurt nearly as bad but oh what an inconvenience having my finger wrapped and a finger guard on to prevent me from accidentally banging it into things.☹

Friday, October 2, 2020

Breathe -Five Minute Friday

What I planned to write for today's Five Minute Friday turned out way different from what I'm writing now. Today while sewing using a walking foot, something I've used before the needle decided it would go through my finger. Oh how all I could do was breathe because I was in so much pain. And breathe through the pain of doctor sticking a needle in my hand to numb my finger to get the needle out. And then breathe again at the pharmacy to get a tetanus shot. And I breathe a prayer that the needle didn't go through to a bone. I don't know if my sewing machine needs repair now. The other half of the needle is still in the machine and the walking foot looks wonky. Breathe Regina! Five Minutes are up.
P.S. It occurred to me after I posted this that I forgot to add the link for Five Minute Friday

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