Sunday, August 28, 2011

Eternal Father, When to Thee

Eternal Father, when to Thee,
Beyond all worlds, by faith I soar,
Before Thy boundless majesty
I stand in silence, and adore.

But Savior, Thou art by my side;
Thy voice I hear, Thy face I see:
Thou art my Friend, my daily Guide;
God over all, yet God with me.

And Thou, great Spirit, in my heart,
Dost make Thy temple day by day;
The Holy Ghost of God Thou art,
Yet dwellest in this house of clay.

Blest Trinity, in whom alone
All things created move or rest,
High in the heavens Thou hast Thy throne;
Thou hast Thy throne within my breast.

Spanking From the Lord

Nothing hurts more than a spanking from the Lord and boy did it sting! It doesn't really matter what I did but basically God closed the door to something but I really didn't seem to hear it.
I tried to make something happen this week that my husband had already said no to. But I didn't hear it because I really thought this particular thing was the Lord's plan but God had said no too.
As a result of my trying to usurp authority my husband was hurt by my actions and I had to ask him and God for forgiveness.
I had never felt so miserable in my life! I'm doing better today. I'm so thankful that my sin is forgiven! God is so good even when he disciplines us it is for our own good and we learn from our mistakes.

Moving My Blog

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