Thursday, January 24, 2013

It's Just Crazy!

 It just boggles my mind how people think that sin is something to be proud of. To be "celebrated". This is especially true when it comes to sexual sin. As a matter of fact Hollywood seems to think it is the "in" thing to do and all the "cool" people do it. Even older celebrities are involved and one has to shake their head and ask "Really? Are you a little old for this nonsense?"  But all sexual sin is accepted and even embraced.

The 40th anniversary of Roe v Wade has come and gone.  I can't even imagine how many babies have died from abortion because there is this sick idea that the developing child is just "fetal tissue".
I lost two babies due to miscarriage and can't no one convince me those babies were just tissue! I felt the little flutterings of their movements letting me know they were there before the Lord took them home to Him.

It's just sad the way the world is today. So very sad.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Another Awesome Book!

I finished Seventeen Ounce Miracle and what a wonderful testimony this book is! I will be getting Joey's Story soon which is another testimony in book form. I guess you can tell I enjoy nonfiction Christian books!

Reading these types of books minister to me in big ways. I'm reading Vera's Journey again because as with the previous books I read, I'm encouraged with the way God moved in the lives of each of these people. I'm also in awe as to how God  worked things for His glory in each of these books through heartache and heartwarming events that each one had to endure.
I highly recommend them regardless of what Christian denomination you identify with.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Two Books I Have Read

Last week I read two books that just totally inspired me. They are "Bring the Ransom Alone" by Verda Glick. She tells about her husband Eli who with three young girls who were kidnapped in 1992 in El Salvador. It's a story of faith and God's forgiveness.
The other book is "Awaiting the Dawn" by Dorcas Hoover. It's about  John and Marie Troyer and John's martyrdom in the hands of guerillas in 1981.  It's a wonderful story of God taking what met to be evil and turning it to His glory.

I'm starting another book that just arrived today called Seventeen- Ounce Miracle by  Rachel Lofgren. It's the story of how God took  Galen and Esther Lengacher through a journey of faith  and trust when Esther delievers their tiny daughter Angelika at 22 weeks gestation.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 and Goals

I can't believe it's another year already! It seems like it was just yesterday I was writing my 2012 goals.
So here are at least ten goals that Lord willing, I will be able to accomplish for 2013.

  1. pray more
  2. read bible in a year in addition to my regular devotion time
  3. exercise regularly
  4. lose about 25 pounds
  5. share gospel more
  6. brush up my sewing skills
  7. learn at least three new crochet techniques
  8. save money for a KJV Thompson Chain reference Bible.  They are very expensive so I hope to find a used one at a thrift store
  9. get my bedroom more organized
  10. sew at least one new covering

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