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Taming the Tongue, Martha vs. Mary and Other Biblical Lessons I Learned

This past Saturday was our oldest daughter's high school graduation party.  It was a very joyous occassion but I had a bit of a time relaxing because I wanted to make sure there was plenty of food for everyone. In other words like Martha in the Bible who was busy in the kitchen and didn't take much time to visit with Jesus like her sister Mary, I was constantly in and out of the kitchen. Finally one of our guests said to sit and relax and enjoy the party.  Now I also need to confess I had a hard time holding my tongue in the weeks leading up to the party. I did manage to keep quiet but the the thing is my vision for the party was much different from my daughter and husband.  I was very much afraid of saying "I told you so!" and you know for us Christian wives to say that to our husband's is not submission. The Lord was able to help me to hold my tongue.  None of this is an excuse for being Martha.  My husband had encouraged me to find my old issues of Keepers at …


There;s nothing that rattles my nervous more than an easrthquake. They are unpredictable and therefore very scary when all of a sudden you feel and hear your house shake.
That's what happened a little after 7:30 this morning. I was getting ready to wash my hands when the shaking started. It just seemed so angry! It registered about a 4.8 but too me it felt stronger.
By the way I just realized today June 10th I posted this before it was done.  The quake was on May 29th. That's how nervous I was that day.