Friday, September 14, 2012

Finally a Post

Well it's been a month now since I posted and I apologize. A lot has happened and some of the " a lot" has to do with my family on my mom's side. My siblings and I found out that we have living aunts and uncles that we didn't know existed.  A cousin found us through He found my mom who was his aunt.We don't know why our mom kept this a secret from us. It's very upsetting to say the least. Two of my sisters got to meet two of my aunts and their families. I wish I could have gone as they live in Los Angeles but gas is expensive and we just don't have the money right now. It was an emotional reunion my sisters were saying and apparently the aunts remember me as a very little girl and my little brother, Gerald who was given up for adoption but I don't know why.

 My aunts all look just like my mom. My mom passed in 2008 from cancer and I can't help but wonder how she would feel about us knowing and being in contact with her sisters. Her brother(95) is in Ohio and has some health issues so meeting him won't be happening :(
 Even her sisters don't know why she refused to have anything to do with them. It may be that she might have been a single mom so she might have felt ashamed? I really don't know.
It's been a rather emotional time for all of us. I do have a vague memory of  my brother when I was little and then all of a sudden he was gone.  I don't remember if my parents ever told me what happened. My siblings were born after Gerald was given up for adoption so they don't know him. They never even knew he existed.

So now I want to figure out how the Lord wants me to deal with all this. I have some thoughts on all these but I can't really share them here. There are few questions from my childhood that if I get to meet my aunts perhaps they can help.

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