Sunday, December 2, 2012

Food As Comfort??

 My daughters and I  volunteer as  childcare care workers every couple of weeks at a church. We have the babies ages 6-12 months or so. Sometimes the babies are fussy so we give them Cheerios or these organic puff things made for babies. Many of the babies are fussy because they want their moms or are hungry. We give them Cheerios or whatever snacks their moms put in the diaper bags but are we sending wrong messages by giving them food when they are not hungry and we just want to console them? Maybe at this age we don't have to worry about them learning to use food as comfort? It's so hard to know because you don't want to withhold food from a baby. That's just mean.
It's almost 11:30pm and I'm tired and I can see a ramble coming on because I'm too tired to think what to write anymore. I can tell because I repeated myself but I'm too tired and  sleepy to delete my repetition.


  1. Oh, my goodness! As a child, my Mom gave me food as a reward for being good, as a way to stop me from crying, as a soothing way to provide comfort to me when I got hurt. Now, as an adult: guess what? I am 50 lb. overweight. I still use food to comfort myself when I'm sad or stressed. It is such a burden, not only to carry around the extra weight, but the inability to use food as sustenance, and not a security blanket. Not to blame my mother, she also had a problem with weight and food. It's such a difficult cycle to break out of.


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