Thursday, January 1, 2015

Some More Goals

I remembered a couple of more goals for 2015. One is to lose weight. I was horrified at my last checkup when they checked my weight. So in order for me to lose my other goals are to eat healthier and exercise more.
One way to eat healthier is for me to make wiser food choices at the market. It's so easy to want to fill the cart with junk.  The way I see it, if it's not in the house we won't eat it.
I don't have a real plan for losing weight since programs like Weight Watchers, Nurisystem, etc are out of my price range. So it going to be just the Lord and I. Pray for me as I go on this weight loss "adventure".


  1. You could try or Both are free and both help you keep track of calories and exercise. And yes, not buying junk food would definitely help. I haven't gotten that down very well yet, though. Hope it works better for you!

  2. Yeah, the junk food is my problem too. My parents buy a lot of junk food for my kids and I end up eating if it is around the house. Thank you for sharing your goals

  3. Somehow, Ive taught myself that anything frozen is a treat. try freezing fruits and see which you like: grapes can be frozen 3 to a toothpick (or as it) and then you have berries, melons, citrus, etc. For some reason, frozen apples always taste like grapes. Its a fun experiment and if you worry about calories, fruit is pretty insignificant.

  4. Try online. They have a free trial and also a workout channel on Youtube called Boot Camp Hub. Its really a blessing and has helped me get in much better shape. They dress modestly too, lol! (Not plain, but decent) It is so nice to workout at home.


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