Monday, March 7, 2011

More on Apostle Paul

As you might remember from my last post we are going through the book of Acts and the more I read Acts, the more intriguing I find Paul to be. He is one of the apostles it would have been great to meet because one could learn a lot from him. We finished up the end of chapter 20 where Paul is saying goodbye to his friends before he sails again who they knew they would never see him in this earthly life again. The emotions rain high that day I'm sure.

He was beheaded under Emperor Nero who was a very wicked man. I read a little about him in Martyrs Mirror and I just don't see how anyone could could be so evil but he was. Reminds me of some of the modern day rulers and dictators who are in the news nowadays.
One day, these men will have to answer to God for their actions and they won't have the legions of supporters to protest or protect them from God's judgement. They will face the Lord alone. Oh the thought just causes my heart to tremble.

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