Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Jim-Bob and Michelle have announced they are expecting their 20th blessing and I'm totally excited for them. The Lord has been so good to them by bringing baby Josie out of a life-threatening premature birth and now she is almost two. What a precious doll she is!

There are critics who complain about "overpopulation" and that we have too many people on the planet even though sadly people are dying everyday so I don't see how in the world they claim the world is over populated.  I guess when Joe wants to propose marriage to Mary will he have to tell her they need to wait until they are senior citizens to get married so they don't have children? Will this make the population control "experts" happy?

Anyway, the Duggars are awesome role models and I wonder how many people have come to the Lord due to their ministry on the show? I know I have been inspired to have a calmer spirit when it comes to my children. I have learned to trust God in all things like they have done and know that God causes all to work for good. Even when things are hopeless God is there working to bring things to His glory.

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