Wednesday, July 11, 2012

More Thoughts on Headcoverings

 I was thinking that probably more important than the style of coverings is how we behave while wearing our covering. Are we showing Christlike behavior in public and at home? Are we judgemental, have an "holier than thou" attitude towards Christian women who don't cover?
I hope I have never come across that way. I'm very quiet and shy so I hope that because of that people don't think I'm that way.

I have heard people say that some head covering Christian ladies have been the rudest and most judgemental women they have ever met. Ouch! I only know one woman like that and no amount of gentle rebuke will change her.  I can see why people would lump us all together and think we are part of a "clique"  whose members act like they are better than everyone else and excludes people who aren't exactly like them.

I would hope that people see a sweet spirit in us that points them to Christ. It's late so I think I'm heading to bed. Not to mention I have a sore throat that started early this week and it seems to love me so much that it won't go away.

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  1. Praying the sore throat goes away quickly. And I pray all of us who cover, shine with the love of Christ and do not become harsh and judging!


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