Friday, March 15, 2013

Out of the Mouths of Babes

 I help lead the Cubbies group of AWANA at our church and talking to them about Jesus is such a joy.  The  children are ages 3 and 4 and oh so very precious. Recently we did a lesson about Jesus going to town to town teaching the people. Well I asked the children what they would do if Jesus came to our town. They gave some of the sweetest answers. One child said she would invite Him to dinner. Another child said he would say hi but my personal favorite was one little girl said she would cry and I asked her why. She said they wouldn't be sad tears but happy tears! Can you believe that? If I could only have that kind of faith.


  1. This is one reason I have always enjoyed working with that age group,they are so honest and open about what they say. I have really been surprise a few times with what may come out of their month....Out of the months of babes indeed! :) Blessings


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