Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Taming the Tongue, Martha vs. Mary and Other Biblical Lessons I Learned

This past Saturday was our oldest daughter's high school graduation party.  It was a very joyous occassion but I had a bit of a time relaxing because I wanted to make sure there was plenty of food for everyone. In other words like Martha in the Bible who was busy in the kitchen and didn't take much time to visit with Jesus like her sister Mary, I was constantly in and out of the kitchen. Finally one of our guests said to sit and relax and enjoy the party.  Now I also need to confess I had a hard time holding my tongue in the weeks leading up to the party. I did manage to keep quiet but the the thing is my vision for the party was much different from my daughter and husband.  I was very much afraid of saying "I told you so!" and you know for us Christian wives to say that to our husband's is not submission. The Lord was able to help me to hold my tongue.  None of this is an excuse for being Martha.  My husband had encouraged me to find my old issues of Keepers at Home magazine to find articles on hospitality which I never did because I just didn't have time. I think another part of me was being prideful because our yard is full of tall weeds and we just didn't have a chance to get rid of them. They were just too overwhelming so I was extremely embarrassed by them.

That being said Miranda's party was a blast and it was so nice to connect with old and new friends. Now you may be asking would I do this again? Well not the negative stuff of course but doing another get together. Hopefully the weeds will be gone by then.

I have more to write about submission but I will post that another time.


  1. Congrats to your daughter,and to her parents :) The Party,sounds wonderful. That was so nice of your friend to have you seat and enjoy. Blessings

  2. Oh how easy we fall into the " Martha" trap it takes effort to say Lord its for your glory may you be praised. And I'm sure he was glorified by your Godly life!!
    Be blessed


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