Friday, December 6, 2013

Another Long Delay Between Posts

I'm sorry for long delay. First thing I want to address is the YouTube video. Right now I'm a little dismayed with them because of their refusal to take down sexually explicit videos. Perhaps their idea of offensive videos is different from mine. Case in point is there is a video on the home page of a completely naked man with a metal tape measure and I need say more. Though nothing is seen because you just see his full profile but it's extremely obvious what message he is trying to get across.

I have told my girls not to sign on to the YouTube homepage but to sign on from like their Gmail that way they will be at their own page and the video won't be there.
I wonder what this world is coming to!
Then there is the new thing  I now call  Greedy Thursday in which stores open on Thanksgiving Day, some as early as 6:00AM in order to outsell the competition. Never mind the employees want to be with their families for the holiday. It just so sad the way society has become.  Greedy and godless!


  1. Is there somewhere else you can upload videos? There has to be some place besides Youtube! I'll watch a video that someone has posted and then at the end when they have a lot of other ones listed I've seen some pretty horrible ones. Hope you can figure this out! Was really looking forward to seeing you!

  2. Hi Regina,
    I have read some of your posts, and wanted you to know how happy my heart is to find another keeper at home trying to live a Biblical and submissive life. How hard it is! You're an encouragement to me. This time of year is especially hard for a young keeper at home, as everyone else around me who has a job is spending their time shopping and buying expensive things. Thanks for your blog. It's a good reminder for me to not try to "out-do" my husband in any way.


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