Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sunday Church and MLK Day

Sunday at church we had combined services with our English speaking congregation and the Spanish speaking congregation that meet after our service. We enjoyed a wonderful bilingual service. Our pastor was out because he and his wife had just been blessed with a another baby so the pastor of the Spanish speaking congregation gave a sermon on love. He also read portions of Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream " speech.  What a wonderful speech that was!

It's so sad that in 2014 people still hate people because of skin color. I watched a snippet of an interview with certain actress and was just horrified of the treatment that she received when she married a white man.

This actress and her sister who is also an actress are half black and half white and quite honestly I don't understand why people made such an issue out of something that is really none of their business. I mean how dare they!

I don't even notice (or care!) anymore if people give Tim and I weird looks. My family loves him because everyone in my most of my nieces and nephews are of mixed race. Of various races I might add and we don't care about the color of someone's skin.

 Martin Luther King Day was celebrated over all the nation but many people fail to realize that Dr. King was also a godly man who believed the Bible. Which means he would have never approved of some of all these unbiblical rights people seem to think he would have fought for.

What our nation needs to do is turn to Jesus. He is our one and only hope!

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