Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Male Headship?

I have recently become aware of a website that encourages women to reject the Bible's teaching on God's design for women. She apparently wants churches to teach that women should be allowed to be pastors of churches, reject the Biblical teaching of male headship in the home and church, and women need to demand their equal rights! Apparently women like myself are referred to as "complementarians "  and those who want to have equal rights with men are the "egalitarians" .
She makes it seem like we are cowering under our husbands authority and are virtual prisoners in our own homes. There are women true, both Christian and non Christian who are in dangerous marriages and need to get help in anyway they can including getting out and finding a safe place to be. Those husbands have twisted scripture to fit their own agendas. They seemed to have forgotten to" love their wives  even as Christ loved the church" Eph 5:25a.

 I'm referring to wives who are following the Biblical design for marriage and have submitted to it's teaching..
 Contrary to what egalitarians have been told, we do have a say in matters of the home and church.
My husband and I will discuss a matter and prayerfully seek the Lord together. I will leave the final decision up to Tim but if I discern that something is not right I will let him know. My husband respects me and my ideas and would never  have the "I'm the boss of you and you need to shut up!" kind of attitude.
Our church has women in leadership roles such as Director of Music, our Administrative Assisstant is a woman. We have women who read scripture and more. We don't have women elders because the Bible teaches against it 1Tim 2:12.

Unfortunately there are lots of Christian women who are following her false teachings. On her blog there comments to her posts that only support her dangerous teachings and none that disagree with her.

Sisters, I think it's so very important that we stay grounded in the Word and embrace Biblical womanhood. God made the perfect design for men and women and we have no right to try to be God by trying to change that.


  1. Yes, I am with you. Jack is head of the home but that doesn't mean I am any less important! people see submission in a human way and as being something bad, not as God intended!

  2. I agree with you Regina!
    I was one of those women who rejected God's Word when it came to Male Authority in marriage. I ignored all the passages about women, saying they were cultural or other excuses, but when it came to men loving their wives or other verses about men I did not excuse those away! Egalitarians are feminists , nothing more.
    I have preached in church more than once, I have usurped my husband's authority on so many occasions . But thank the Holy Spirit He opened my eyes! One day I was reading in 1 Corinthians 14 and I came to verse 36 where its says " What? came the word of God from you? or came it unto you only? " At that moment the Holy Spirit showed me I was acting that way. I was believing that ancient lie from Satan "...did God really say?..." I was believing that I knew better than the Lord and His word! Needless to say I repented and have been working on submitting to my Husband and properly to the Lord Jesus. That was in 2009 , and since then I have also wore a headcovering ( I do not wear it all the time though). It has not always been easy knowing the balance of submitting and speaking when the Lord gives me insight to a situation. But thank the Lord He did not give up on me , and He has been working in my life!


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