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Marriage and Being in Love With Love

We have a family member who son is getting married soon. He is a Christian just barely 18 and the girl he is marrying is a very baby Christian. Our family member had just barely got out of a previous relationship before he took up with this girl. We have come to the conclusion that neither one of them is truly ready for marriage. I'm not sure if they truly understand what marriage is all about and are basically in love with love.

Sisters when we marry in the Lord we need to make sure we are truly understanding what being married is all about. We need to be willing to submit to the man we plan to marry. I see so Christian couples suffer terribly because they let their emotions (and hormones!) get in the way.
Marriage doesn't mean happily ever after. God never promised things would be easy in life and you have to be able with the Lord's help get through those rough patches.
Anyway, this was on my mind. I could say more but the truth is I started this post days ago but didn't have time to finish. Now I can't remember everything I wanted to write.


  1. Praying for these two. A marriage can sometimes also become a tug of war as each person seeks to be boss. You have to be mature enough a Christian to have a Godly marriage

  2. Thank you Michelle. I remember many years ago Papa Richard said that couples spend so much time planning the wedding they fail to plan the marriage. I appreciate your prayers.


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