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Jesus and the Cross


We have been going through the book of John at church and the last two sessions covered the crucifixion.  Crucifixion was a horrible way of execution I think it was worst than being burnt at the stake. Possibly even worse than being put in an arena to be attacked by lions. Crucifixion was meant to make the victim suffer. I have no doubt about that.

One cannot even imagine what a body goes through as it hangs form the cross. We don't want to think about the ugliness that Jesus went through as we was dying. I certainly don't like thinking about it.
 According to  Merrill Tenney from The Expositor;s Bible Commentary ,the victim went through thirst. There was tremendous strain on the heart as it had to work harder The person being crucified slowly drowned by internal accumulation of fluid.
We can't even imagine what that must have been like for Jesus on the cross. I'm sure it had to have been devastating for His mom Mary to watch all this.
I think sometimes we as Christians take what Jesus did on the cross for granted. I know I do at times. When I think of all that terrible suffering Christ went through I feel ashamed when I do stupid things that disappoint Him. Things like listening to gossip. I might not verbally comment on the "juicy" tidbit about someone but I'm still participating.
Or when I  judge a supposedly bad driver. I make a rude comment about their driving and I'm not even behind the wheel! I'm a passenger! Perhaps the driver who is always careful  just lost a child or a spouse and is just not thinking.

.Anyway, I just had a lot on my mind in regards to Jesus dying on the cross since we started the study on the book of John. I think it has become my favorite of all the gospels. It's a great book for new Christians or those wanting to learn more about the life of Christ and what He did for us.


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