Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Being Patient

 I have been rather hesitant about writing this post. I actually have been putting it off for a number of years mainly out of fear. My fear is rather silly perhaps but nonetheless it's there so I'm posting this and let the chips fall where they may.

I really don't have patience. When I want something done I want it done right away. Not five minutes later but now. Being patient and waiting on God is even harder for me. You see many years ago we met some sweet Conservative Mennonite fiends and when we go visit them we visit their church. Ever since then we have learned so much about the Anabaptists and what the early Anabaptists went through. You can read about them in Martyrs Mirror.

They believe in following the New Testament teachings of nonresistance, nonconforming, women's veiling etc. All these I have been embracing long before we met our Mennonite friends. Ever since then I have been praying that God would either open the door  for us to go either to our friend's church which is nearly two hours away or put a local congregation in our area.

We thought we were getting a Conservative Mennonite congregation here after some friends from Squaw Valley came to visit. They were interested in possibly starting a fellowship here along with some other families from their congregation. But after spending some time here and checking out the costs they decide that Santa Barbara was way too expensive.

So the prayers go on and I'm getting rather impatient!  At this point neither my husband or I really know what God wants us to do.

We both know that it would be a little different if we were at a Mennonite church. The singing is done acappella which I actually enjoy. The ladies and girls all wear dresses exclusively which I already do but our girls would need to adjust to that. It's a good thing they like dresses! 

Well that's my post that I've been afraid to write. I have many reasons why I was afraid to write this post but I think seeing my thoughts in writing actually rather comforting.


  1. We were blessed to have found a conservative Mennonite church where we moved to. There are some things that Mennonites do/believe that we don't 100% agree with, however, this does not stop us from going to their church - but does stop us from becoming a 'member'. They are lovely people, and we are very blessed to have found this church!

    In the meantime, for you and your family, perhaps you could consider moving to where they are located? There's a lady at the church here who moved closer, and they were three hours away before. Her and her family started fresh here, all to be closer to this church. And they are not 'members' (yet) either. Just my thoughts :)

    1. I would love to move but we don't have the money for starters and also my husband's dad lives who has dementia and other health issues.
      Thank you for the suggestion though.


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