Wednesday, December 31, 2014


This was an incredible year for us. We went through chicken pox, head lice( makes me itch just typing that!) in May. surgeries, and losses. Our church went through losses of precious saints who went home to their Lord. We also lost members who left our church due to disagreement with the church leadership and other reasons.
I admit it has been a very tough year for our congregation and it has affected our family deeply. I'm not sure what God has in store for us next as far as church is concerned. What ever He wants like the old hymn  goes My Heart Says Amen to His will.

In September my oldest daughter took a plunge and left home to do missionary work at YWAM Bishop, CA. It hard letting her go but we knew God was and still is looking after her. She plans to do her DTS sometime next year if the Lord allows. Of course these things take lots of money so she is going to do the fundraiser thing and is looking for work to earn money for her cause.
I was excited to actually finish the whole Bible this year and if the Lord wills I will do it again next year. I hope you readers will attempt to read the entire next year.
There are plenty of Bible reading programs to choose from. I chose a program for shirkers and slackers which I found very easy. Here's a link to the program

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