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I apologize for not being  active lately. I have had a writers block of sorts.  Anyway, it's been rather interesting since I have made a war room. The first week I suffered depression for no particular reason. That was very odd. A long time homeschooling mom I knew in Santa Barbara passed away, I discovered two people I know have serious health issues, a blog  I follow has been inundated with terrible anti-Christian comments over a recent post and it the list goes on.
I guess I should have expected weirdness to happen but all this just makes me more determined to pray.
Tomorrow is canning day for me. I plan to put away a few jars of pinto beans. They are great for making homemade refried beans. I hope to get over to Walmart and pick up a few pounds of boneless chicken. I want to put away some for chicken salad in the summer and soup in the fall.
I hope to plant some green beans this weekend or perhaps next. Well that's it my friends.
Until next time!


  1. That sounds like a very productive week! I am plodding on here just trying to finish straightening up from the move. We were able to buy a sofa that will be delivered tomorrow. That will be nice!

  2. Ephesians 6:12

    For our struggle is not against flesh and blood,
    but against the rulers,
    against the powers,
    against the world forces of this darkness,
    against the spiritual forces of wickedness
    in the heavenly places.

    Who is the homeschool mom in SB who died?

    Your foodie plans sound yummy!!!

    I love you, friend!


  3. Happy to see you back here. Sorry to hear you have been going through difficulties recently.

  4. You are a blessing, Regina, because of the way you continue to remain faithful in your prayer room. I'm sorry to hear about the anti-Christian comments that was on a blog you follow. That can be discouraging, but then we realize that this is only the beginning of persecution. Continue on in your war room!


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