Thursday, July 8, 2010

When it Rains it Pours

I really can't believe all the things that fell apart and needs to be repaired or replaced. Our printer has been acting terrible and it won't print properly. The range literally fell apart. I was taking dinner out of the oven yesterday and the door came off. It hadn't closed properly for a number of years now and yestereday it came completely off the hinge and it can't be repaired because the hinge is pretty much broken.

The sink is clogged and we will probably need a plumber.

But the Lord is in control. He will take care of all our needs and none of the things that went wrong are too big for Him to handle. We are getting a new oven on Tuesday . This one has a burner in the center which will be perfect for canning.

Everything else is a wait and see deal.

I got some sewing done this week which was refreshing. I sewed a couple of resuable shopping bags for two of my daughters and will finish my oldest dd's bag tomorrow. Sewing is so relaxing except it can be hard on your back from the constant leaning forward.

I finally got some canning done. I did a few quarts of apricots and several pints of various jams. These should keep us going through winter.

I saw a recipe in the Ball Blue Book for mint jelly and that sounded so good! I have some peppermint growing which it is really thriving so I think I will make a few jars of mint jelly.

If you have never tried canning anything I would recommend you try. Start with water bath canning first and make some jam. Ball has a starter canning kit called the Ball Discovery Kit (or something like that) that is less than $25 and it is just right for the beginner canner. Also get the Ball Blue Book of Preserving which has a ton of information on using both the water bath canner and a pressure canner for canning meats, veggies, soups, etc.

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