Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I am not a sports fan at all. I found sports like baseball, football etc very boring. But what happened to paramedic Bryan Stow is just plain evil. Apparently these two Dodger "worshippers" attacked him after a Dodger vs SF Giants game (in which the Dodgers won by the way) severely beat him just because he is a Giants fan. He didn't instigate anything just walking with his friends after the game.
If a person can put their favorite sports team(or anything for that matter) over a human life then that person is has basically made that object an idol and their god.

There is a website set up for updates on Bryan's condition here:
He needs a lot of prayer and as hard as it might be to do this, pray for those two guys who did this. Bryan's website has a composite sketch of the attackers so hopefully the reward being offered will help bring them to justice.

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