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Is it Worth it??

Once in awhile, well actually yesterday I was wondering if trying to raise godly Christian daughters is worth the fights and hassles that a Christian parent has to go through. Perhaps if we had raised them differently, listen to the Lord more and less to what other so called Christians do.

I'm having a battle with one of my teenage daughter over an issue and right now I'm feeling like the bad guy in the family. All I want is for all my children to be totally on fire for Jesus and not listen to the world's twisted ideas.

I'm in Yahoogroups and there are mothers who share about their heartbreak over their wayward children and I fear that will happen with mine.
How does one raise their children and not have any issues with them especially during their teen years?


  1. My heart goes out to you. I think the best thing we can do for our daughters is be a good, consistent example of Christ. They will see right through us and know when we are being hypocrites. I'm not saying this is your case, but it was with me in the past.

    Is there something YOU struggle with that you also see your daughter struggling with? If so, be honest with her (she already knows anyway, I guarantee it). Have a talk and explain that you realize you are not perfect and struggle in ______. Ask if she would be willing to help you with your struggle and allow you to help her with hers. Give her permission to say to you, "Mom, you are not acting in a way that is pleasing to Christ".

    I'll give an example. I used to reall struggle with talking with love to my children when they were doing something wrong. I gave them permission to 'check me' on it no matter what the situation was or who was around. One time we had some family over and my son did something really dumb and it frustrated me. I spoke with an unloving tone to him and my dad was standing right there. My son looked at me and said, "mom, you are not acting in a loving way" (or something like that) I stopped, thought for a second (or shorter ... I already knew I was wrong when I was doing it) and then said, "you are right, I'm sorry" and that was the end of it. My dad looked at me and said, "What? Are you going to let him talk to you like that?" I said, "he was right".

    Another example. I used to have a certain word in my vocabulary that I began to HATE. It was such an ugly word and I wanted to out of my mind. I told the children that whenever they heard me say that word (don't care who was around, etc.) say, "mom, you said that word again." I said it two more times after that and eact time they corrected me. It was embarassing but a blessing too.

    Well ... I pray all of that made sense. I don't know if it will help you or not, but I pray it at least helps someone.

    Love your daughter. Be a good example to her. Walk in all of the light YOU have and pray that she does the same. You cannot force your children to follow the Lord. Even Jesus does not force anyone to follow Him. We must all make that choice for ourselves.

    God bless you. Love, js


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