Saturday, October 1, 2011

Book Review- The Ornament of a Spirit

 I just finished reading Cory Anderson's  book The Ornament of a Spirit and frankly I was a bit offended. I know that's not his intention but he almost made it sound as though the cap coverings are the only acceptable coverings for sisters in the Anabaptist churches. He seems to think the hanging veil which some of the Mennonite and Amish-Mennonite groups have started using have become "smaller,more transparent or more stylish" I guess he figures the caps or kapps as they are sometimes called are being tossed out because some churches think they are " Old-fashioned or too plain"

Now I'm going to have to disagree with this notion. I see pictures of ladies with the kapp coverings and I personally find them more "fancy" if you will, than a hanging veil that is just a plain white no fancy stuff added. My veils are certainly "boring" compared to the caps although I do have a couple with  tiny scalloped edges.

Personally I think the Anabaptist churches that want to allow the hanging veil could have some sort of guidelines so that there isn't any problems with size, color etc. If they want veils to be opaque then they need to decide that what they want to do.

Our friends in Gorman and Frazier Park,CA are Mennonite and the sisters there wear white hanging veils. Does this make them less of a Mennonite because they don't wear kapps? Most importantly does this make them less of a Christian?

I Corinthians 11:1-15 doesn't say what style of covering to wear. When people start making man made rules about what is a covering and what isn't then it becomes  a "Thus saith Brother So and So" or  the scripture because " An Anabaptist woman who prayeth with her kapp off her head dishonoreth her head" making it seem that only like only Anabaptist women should obey I Corinthians 11 or even wear a kapp covering.
I don't know what your Bible says but my Bible definitely doesn't say that!

Having said all that I think Mr.Anderson's book is interesting but I think he has put too much emphasis or the style of covering and I think he should be thrilled that there are congregations whether they are Anabaptist or not who are obeying the scripture.


  1. definitely sounds like a very interesting book.

  2. I found your book review interesting. I have not read the book but I figured that would be his opinion. I wear a cap style covering, and have no desire to change but I have not problem at all with ladies who wear a veil. But I see a fear in some churches about the veil. I think it is because some ladies start wearing a veil and soon stop wearing any kind of covering. The problem is not the veil, it is the heart.

    What a challenge to make sure our daughters know why we wear a covering, that it isn't a particular style that is important but it is the spirit in which it is worn.


  3. I'm glad I found this review. I just heard about this book. As someone who did a reversal of what's usually done ( went from a veil to a kapp) I find your review interesting.


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