Friday, October 7, 2011

Husband's Take

My husband just finished Ornament of a Spirit and his opinion is about the same as mine. He saw all the pictures of the various styles of hanging veils and kapps and was surprised there were so many. His only frame of reference as far as coverings are the hanging veil I wear which is worn by our Conservative Mennonites friends and one style of kapp worn by my friends in PA.

We both came to the conclusion that if we were part of a conservative Anabaptist church then perhaps it would matter. We both realize that the kapp identifies them as Anabaptists but isn't it better be known as a Christian first and Anabaptist second?
Would the early Anabaptist martyrs be happy with the debate over whether a kapp is acceptable or a veil?
Do we veil wearers want to argue that the kapp is wrong?

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  1. I read your reviews about this book a week or so ago, but I had just ordered the book so wanted to save my comments until I had something to share with you about it. Turns out I had a lot so say so wrote a book review, of sorts. I linked to your blog and your posts about the book. If you want me to remove those links I will.


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