Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Giving the Devil Too Much Credit?

This thought came to mind as a ponder these last few weeks of dealing with the cancer Kaitlyn was treated for. Several well meaning Christians have saod things like "Satan caused your daughter to have cancer" or " Somthing from your past was let in to cause your daughter's cancer" and things like that.
Are all illnesses from the enemy? I believe that the Lord allows some things that aren't pleasant to draw us closer to Him but I'm confused about this issue. I'm interested in what you readers have to say about this.
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  1. I think people mean well, that they need someone/thing to 'blame' to ease the hurt. They don't mean any harm by these comments, it's hard to know what to say, really.

    As to my own opinion? It's life in a fallen world. Sickness happens, but God is always in control. Nothing you or your daughter 'did' caused this, but He can certainly use it for good, even though it may be years (or even never) that you/we see how that works out.

    He has a plan, and He will see it through, and be with you every step of the way. My prayers are with you all, every day.

  2. Thank you Tammy! I truly beleive that God is using this cancer for his Glory and He definitely has a plan. Just wish I knew what that was.
    Tammy would you I didn't know there was a feature on Blogger to reply to comments? And I've had this blog since 2010!
    Makes me wonder what else I can do on here.

  3. While reading my bloglist this morning, I came across something that immediatly made me think of you. It's from Arabah Joy, and kind of addresses your situation.

    I hope it helps, it definatley made me think aobut my own situations going on. Title: How He Heals

    And I know about Blogger, crazy, right! lol

  4. I think it is sometimes easier to blame the devil. We like to have something or someone to blame. Huggles and prayers.


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