Monday, November 5, 2012

Singing in Church

I read an article in a recent issue of Calvary Messenger and the article was on the subject of singing at church. The title of the article is "Melody in Your Heart" by Timothy J. Meyers of Keysville,GA. The main point of the article was what is our focus when we are singing. Are we focusing on the music? Are we thinking about how good or not so good our singing is? Do we get irritated with singing the same songs? Do we get distracted while singing?

 I confess I sometimes get distracted during our singing time. I'll wonder if a song should be sung faster or slower. I get irritated if a song tune is changed from the original and I could go on.
After reading Timothy's article I really need to sing from my heart. Keeping my focus on the Lord and the words that I am singing. I believe this will bring honor to the Lord.


  1. I have a tendency to close my eyes when I sing to shut out visual distractions so I can focus better on Who I am supposed to be singing to!

    1. Michelle,
      That's a good idea. I never thought about that. Thanks!

  2. One of the things that helps me is to change all the "Him"s to "You"s, so that I'm not just singing about the Lord, but TO the Lord. kwim?

    It makes it more personal, my own song to Him, and I have to focus on the words and meaning. Maybe try that? It usually leaves me with tears, I get so drawn in.


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