Thursday, January 24, 2013

It's Just Crazy!

 It just boggles my mind how people think that sin is something to be proud of. To be "celebrated". This is especially true when it comes to sexual sin. As a matter of fact Hollywood seems to think it is the "in" thing to do and all the "cool" people do it. Even older celebrities are involved and one has to shake their head and ask "Really? Are you a little old for this nonsense?"  But all sexual sin is accepted and even embraced.

The 40th anniversary of Roe v Wade has come and gone.  I can't even imagine how many babies have died from abortion because there is this sick idea that the developing child is just "fetal tissue".
I lost two babies due to miscarriage and can't no one convince me those babies were just tissue! I felt the little flutterings of their movements letting me know they were there before the Lord took them home to Him.

It's just sad the way the world is today. So very sad.


  1. It is sad about the aborted little ones. I was thinking along the same lines as you with sin. Once even most folks who didn't have a relationship with Christ still were ashamed of their sins. Now it surely is something to be proud of it seems. Remember to how young ladies wanted to be seen as good girls, modest and sweet? Now it has reversed and they want to be seen as bad and sexy.

  2. it is very sad because sexuality is sacred between a husband and wife, i know many a time young people in their stage of rebellion will sleep around and think its all fun, but when they mature and turn back to the Lord they realize that it was wrong and regret not waiting for the special person that God has for them to be with the rest of their lives. i love what this Abbot had to say about the sacredness of sexuality. blessings!


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