Thursday, January 10, 2013

Two Books I Have Read

Last week I read two books that just totally inspired me. They are "Bring the Ransom Alone" by Verda Glick. She tells about her husband Eli who with three young girls who were kidnapped in 1992 in El Salvador. It's a story of faith and God's forgiveness.
The other book is "Awaiting the Dawn" by Dorcas Hoover. It's about  John and Marie Troyer and John's martyrdom in the hands of guerillas in 1981.  It's a wonderful story of God taking what met to be evil and turning it to His glory.

I'm starting another book that just arrived today called Seventeen- Ounce Miracle by  Rachel Lofgren. It's the story of how God took  Galen and Esther Lengacher through a journey of faith  and trust when Esther delievers their tiny daughter Angelika at 22 weeks gestation.

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  1. I love stories about missionaries, too!
    I'm currently reading A Chance to Die, the Amy Carmicheal story.

    I'll have to look your books up and possibly add them to my 'must read' list. Thanks for the mention of them!


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