Monday, July 29, 2013

A Disclaimer

It has come to the attention of ladies who have visited The Headcovering Movement website and have been discouraged because of their stance on when to cover. They believe that women are to cover for public worship only but they don't hold it against anyone who covers all the time. I cover all the time because I pray a lot. Also I really would like my hair to be for my husband to see only but that is my personal conviction. I think a lady needs to seek the Lord's guidance on this issue and her husband's if she is married.
Also it should be noted that I don't believe the website is encouraging division in the church if a sister is attending a church where covering is not practiced. They really want to encourage ladies who want to cover or are currently covering.
There is alot of good information but I would just chew the meat and get rid of the bones.

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